Tired of Feeling the Chill? New Orleans Senior Living is the Answer

Moving Down South After Retirement Isn’t Just a Cliche, It’s a Smart Way to Ensure an Active, Healthy Retirement


Seniors have been retiring to warmer climates for as long as anyone can remember. It seems that many people reach a point at which they’d rather spend their retirement basking in the sun and enjoying the outdoors than shoveling snow…imagine that?

When seniors are ready to leave the chill behind, The Landing at Behrman Place Retirement Community in New Orleans, Louisiana, is ready to welcome them home. New Orleans was voted one of US News and World Report’s top places to retire in 2018, and it’s easy to see why. With its warm weather and rich culture, The Big Easy offers seniors the chance at a fun-filled, active retirement. And The Landing, located just minutes away from the French Quarter, shops, restaurants, hospitals, and many cultural venues, is an ideal location for seniors looking to leave winter behind for good.

Aside from the obvious—that most people find warmer temperatures to be more pleasant than freezing-cold ones—there are many reasons why retiring to a warmer climate means a better, healthier retirement.

Seniors who relocate to the south can experience the outdoors year-round, which means their favorite outdoor activities are on the calendar twelve months out of the year. Active seniors can enjoy bike rides, gardening, tennis, golf, swimming, or a simple evening walk at any time of the year, uninhibited by snowdrifts and sleet-covered sidewalks. Seniors have the opportunity to continue their favorite outdoor physical activities at any time, meaning more consistent healthy activity.

And previously less-active seniors may catch the outdoor bug after moving to a warmer location. Outdoor activity is a part of the culture in warmer states. The person’s new friends may prefer to get together for a round of golf or a tennis match rather than cozying up for a movie. As a result of making new friends who are already immersed in the outdoor lifestyle, someone who previously spent half the year indoors may be inspired to start adding more exercise into their routine.

Exposure to sunlight is also a mood booster. Sun exposure is associated with the production of serotonin, a hormone that improves mood and helps you feel calm and focused. A lack of sunlight during the dark winter months can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression related to shorter days and decreased sunlight. People who live in warmer climates and who are exposed to more sunlight receive more of the sun’s mood-boosting benefits.

Sun exposure also has other health benefits. Moderate sun exposure allows the skin to produce Vitamin D, which aids in the absorption of calcium and promotes bone health. Spending time in the sun also leads to improved sleep. Research suggests that it could also lower blood pressure, curb appetite, and reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and possibly some autoimmune diseases. Sunshine may even help people live longer. A Journal of Internal Medicine study found that women who spent more time in the sun lived six months to two years longer than those who had less sun exposure.

And there is one other, perhaps unexpected, benefit of moving to a warm climate for retirement: fewer things to keep. Since snow and freezing temperatures are no longer a consideration, there is no need for snow boots, puffy coats, thick scarves, or snow shovels. Seniors moving down south can not only downsize their living space but their wardrobes and household items, as well.

When you or your loved one are ready to ditch the snow in favor of the sun, The Landing at Behrman Place should be your first stop. With its amazing location, resort-style amenities, and warm and welcoming community, it’s the perfect place for an active, healthy retirement.

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