How our Assisted Living Communities Get in the Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the Season for hot cocoa, holiday crafts and quality time with loved ones


The holiday season is upon us! At our assisted living & memory care communities, we make the holidays special for all residents and staff by fostering a community that is more like a family. We love to honor our residents’ holiday traditions whenever we can by helping continue them, whether it be decorating their rooms or making their favorite holiday meal. Additionally, we love to incorporate activities into our residents’ schedules that promote brain health and memory support! Here are just a few of the ways that our memory care communities get in the holiday spirit:

Card Making

Receiving a hand-written letter or homemade card is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face (except maybe the Grinch, of course). We love hosting activities that stimulate our residents’ brains and inspire creativity year-round. For the holiday season, we encourage our residents to participate in making personalized cards for their loved ones and friends that they can cherish forever. Plus, it is a tangible item that your loved one will be proud of and excited to share with you!


Similar to card making, crafting, in general, is a great way to get in the holiday spirit while using our brains. There are so many fun holiday crafts that we help our residents make, including ornaments, snowflakes, holiday wreaths, garlands, fleece tie blankets, and more! The great thing about making these holiday crafts is that residents can display them in their rooms or give them as holiday gifts. Not only will this help get them in the holiday spirit, but they also serve as a reminder of their accomplishment in making them.

Holiday Movies

We know that a lot of our residents are movie lovers. That’s why we offer designated movie times all year long. During the holidays, residents have the opportunity to watch seasonal classics, such as “A Christmas Carol.” By watching movies from the era that residents grew up in, we help reignite the warm, fuzzy feelings of holiday memories.

Sounds of the Season

Music therapy is one of the ways that we help support residents’ memories. By playing music from their past, residents may be reminded of past experiences and events. During the holiday season, we play holiday music in an effort to bring joy and bring back the feeling of holidays past.

Holiday Treats

Cookies and treats are a holiday must–they warm us up when it’s cold out and bring us joy! Not only do our assisted living & memory care communities offer our residents yummy treats with their meals, but we also offer opportunities for them to help us make treats. Additionally, we are more than happy to meet residents’ dietary needs, such as gluten restrictions.


The power of decorations is stronger than we may realize. They can evoke comforting memories, spark joy, create a positive feeling. ! We decorate for the holiday season to bring out these positive emotions and give residents something to talk about amongst themselves. We love when residents help contribute to decoration making, whether it be garlands, snowflakes, ornaments or whatever else they may want to create!

Family Time

While we encourage family and friends to visit residents often, the holidays are especially important. It’s a time of the year that people tend to slow down and make memories with loved ones they don’t get to see all the time. During the holidays, our residents love having guests come to see all of the decorations and crafts they made, as well as enjoy all the activities listed above!

If your loved one enjoys celebrating the seasons, then Woodland Creek might just be the perfect assisted living community for them.

To learn more or to schedule a tour of our memory care & assisted living communities, contact our friendly team today.

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