Top Five Spring Cleaning Tips for Our Retirement Living Communities

Prioritize your well-being with a clean and tidy home!


Spring is truly a transformative time. With new plant growth, lighter days, warmer weather, and plenty of outdoor activities to be had, it’s easy to see why it is a favorite season for so many of us. It can lighten our moods and bring a bit of sunshine (no pun intended) into our days. And one of the best ways to make the most of the changing seasons is to embark on a bit of spring cleaning!

At Sunshine Retirement Living, we have compiled our top five favorite ways to get your home in tip top shape for spring and beyond. Take a look below and see what ways you can best spring clean your or your loved one’s home this spring!

Clothing Refresh

One of the best ways to refresh your space is by sorting through clothing and seeing what items need repair, to be donated, or seasonally changed out. We suggest scheduling a full day or weekend to your seasonal wardrobe change and separating your clothing into four piles: keep, donate, throw away, and repair. For your keep pile, only keep items that are in good condition, fit properly, and have a purpose. There is no need to keep clothing that no longer fits you and no one needs to keep a pair of jeans with irreparable holes in the inner thighs.

Your donate, throw away, and repair piles are self-explanatory. Donate items that are in good condition. Take the time to repair items that need to be hemmed, patched, or need a new button. Throw items that are no longer usable or fixable. Do not donate an item that really should just be thrown away.

If any of your clothing is seasonally inappropriate, take the time to clean it and store it properly away. This way, your bulky winter sweaters, wool and down coats, or snow boots are not taking up important real estate in your closet!

Linen Refresh

Going hand in hand with your clothing refresh – consider a linen refresh as well! Swap out your heavy quilts, flannel or fleece sheets, and fur throws for light down comforters, linen duvet covers, and cotton or bamboo sheets to keep your body temperature regulated. Remember to properly clean and store your off-season linens. While mothballs do the trick for keeping unwanted pests away, their strong smell can be off-putting to some. Consider using a cedar block or cedar chips with lavender sachets to keep pests out, and smells fresh.

Change Filters

Truly one of the most overlooked tasks of spring cleaning is ensuring the air you’re breathing and water you are drinking is clean! Each spring, take stock of the number of filters you have on hand for your water purifiers, drinking fountains, air conditioners, and reusable coffee filters, and re-stock should you be running low. Schedule some time to scrub those plastic air conditioner filters or replace the disposable ones. Soak the reusable ones in hot water to loosen up grime, and get to scrubbing! While you’re at it, unplug any fans or standing air purifiers, or turn off your ceiling fan and take a few minutes to wipe down the blades with a disinfectant. Keeping our space clean is much more than just tidying up!


The simplest of all tasks is to ensure all of the battery operated tools in your home have working batteries. Check your remote controls, battery operated power tools, clocks, and other small home devices and ensure they are working properly. Remember to replace your stock of batteries as well, when they are running low.

If you have battery operated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, either check them yourself or have a handyperson come in to check them for you. These particular items are lifesaving tools that are often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance.

Schedule Maintenance

Make note of anything in disrepair in your home and schedule maintenance for the item. Bring it to a repair shop or call a professional to come in and give the appliance a tune-up. One of the best ways to make the most of your spring cleaning and set yourself up for success is by having a functional home. Modern life can be so easy and stress-free, as long as we treat our items with the care they really need.

Taking a couple days every spring to set yourself off on the right foot for the coming seasons can have a profound effect on your physical and emotional well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about our wonderful retirement communities at Sunshine Retirement Living, please give our friendly team a call today!

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