Ways to Be Productive After 65

Ways to Be Productive After 65


For many people, retirement is about relaxation. After working for a large part of your life, you finally have the opportunity to settle down and… enjoy the activities for which you never had time. Thinking of retirement may bring to mind images of sunny days and games of golf, far removed from the busy nature of your days as a working professional. However, some retirees are realizing that this “hands-off” retirement lifestyle isn’t quite for them; even in retirement they still feel the need to do something meaningful and enjoyable with their days.

Being productive after you retire doesn’t have to feel like a repetition of your work life. Instead, it’s all about taking part in activities that you didn’t get to do enough (or try at all) before, in a way that allows you to create something new or make a difference in the world. Productivity is not about stress. It’s about having fun and enjoying a feeling of purpose. Here are a few ways to be productive after 65:

1. Volunteer

It may seem counterintuitive. Didn’t you retire so that you don’t have to work anymore? While continuing a paid job may not be necessary or desirable after 65, many retirees realize that they miss the feeling of productivity and purpose that comes with having a set task and accomplishing it. So, why not channel that energy into working on something that makes a difference in the world?

Retirees are some of the best volunteers out there. Using your years of experience, you can truly contribute meaningful change with a nonprofit organization – whether it’s your local church or a nationwide group. Numerous options are out there to fit every interest. You can serve lunch at a soup kitchen or care for kittens at an animal shelter, build care packages for the homeless or become a foster grandparent for a child in need. Our Sunshine Retirement Communities offer many volunteer programs as well, from clothing and food drives to support for U.S. troops serving overseas.

2. Learn a New Skill

Have you always wanted to learn French, but never had the time when you were working? What about learning to knit, dance or paint? With your newfound free time, take the opportunity to learn a new skill and broaden your repertoire, whatever your interests or abilities.

3. Travel

It seems cliché, but travelling during retirement is one of the best ways to stay productive (as well as taking advantage of your savings and have new experiences). You can find many travel groups specifically geared toward retirees, which will take care of the details such as flights and hotels, so that you can have the simplest, most enjoyable experience possible.

4. Create

Creativity isn’t just for kids. If you like art, writing, crafts, or any type of creative endeavor, use your retirement years to create works that will last far into the future. Take the time to work on your long-awaited novel, or go outside to get inspired by nature when creating a painting or drawing.

5. Engage With Others

Retirement is about reaching out to others and engaging with friends both new and old. Having new experiences allows you to make the most of your productivity after 65. What are you waiting for? To speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members, click here today.

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