Ways To Embrace the Spring Weather At Our Austin Retirement Community

The Texas Climate Makes it Easy to Get Outdoors

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One of the benefits of living in Texas is the short winter and early warmth of spring. If you’re an active senior in Austin, we have just the place for you to experience the season! The Clairmont is an independent retirement community perfect for active seniors, with many opportunities for our residents to get outdoors this spring. We provide both formal and informal social activities in our community, including events and amenities you can enjoy outside.

Because we know our residents enjoy variety, we aim to offer lots of different opportunities to be out in the community and be social with other residents. We have weekly mental and physical activities, as well as social outings around Austin to places like museums or restaurants nearby.

Below are a few ways to get out and about at our Austin independent living community and in the City of Austin:

Take A Hike or Walk

If you’re looking to get active, Austin is the right place for you. Our senior residents can either take a walk around the community to enjoy the sunshine, or they can put on their hiking boots to visit these beautiful trails the city has to offer:

  • Walnut Creek Trail: This is a trail amongst a 15-mile pass of land with many unmarked paths for the explorer and many winding paths perfect for beginners. Start and finish at the creek, and you can take breaks along the many overlooks.
  • St. Edwards Park: This is a 2-4 mile hike loop, depending on whether you take the loop or the hill, and both are perfect for finding solitude in the city. The park has phenomenal views, a waterfall, and a creek. Perfect for photos!
  • Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve: You can access this preserve easily off loop 360, and there are plenty of trails with varied terrain. It’s a total of a 2.5-mile round trip.

Watch For Birds As They Migrate North

Spring is the perfect time to start birdwatching in Austin, as many birds are migrating north, and Texas is a resting stop for various species. Our community has beautiful views with benches placed along our walkways and near our state-of-the-art grilling areas, so you can spend your time outside and enjoy the fresh air and local wildlife. Be sure to bring your cell phone or a bird identification book to learn more about the species you spot.

Experience Austin’s Downtown

Austin is the perfect place for foodies, cultural explorers, and fashion enthusiasts. If that’s you, plan a day to wander around Austin’s downtown to see what you can see! To try a few restaurants, choose a spot for breakfast, another for a snack, and another for a late lunch. Explore local shops and galleries to support local makers and artists. And chances are, in this city, you’ll also catch some live music.

Gardening and Pick Fresh Fruit At A Local Farm

We encourage our residents to make the most of what the community has to offer them, including gardening. Our community has areas designated for our residents to garden and harvest fresh ingredients for the perfect addition to their healthy meals. If you’re not one for gardening but enjoy fresh fruit, you can pick fresh fruit from the following farms to bring home with you:

  • Sweet Berry Farm is located in Marble Falls and is opening on March 14th for farm activities. Click here for more information.
  • Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is located in Granger, and you don’t have to pay for admission to pick your fruit; you just purchase by the pound! Click here for more information.
  • If you’re looking for more ideas, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in coming up with the perfect way to get outside this spring. Additionally, we offer local transportation to attractions nearby so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our Austin independent living community, The Clairmont.

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