Ways To Enjoy The Cooler Weather While At Personal Care Homes In PA

Keep the fun going all winter long in Pennsylvania!


As it cools down, our natural instinct is to stay in and bundle up. And while that’s always an option, there are still some creative ways to enjoy the cooler weather while at memory care homes in Pennsylvania with your loved ones. Staying inside is obviously preferred, especially on a nasty snowy day. But on the days where the sun is shining through, it is a great opportunity to shake things up and get out in the fresh air.

Host a themed get-together

There’s nothing like a casual get-together with friends and family to break up the monotony of the cold winter season. Whether you’re playing games, watching movies, playing instruments, or making crafts, a themed gathering is the perfect way to add some interest to your next hangout. Choose your activity for the group, and then make sure that everyone knows what to expect. If you need supplies (craft supplies, movies, power cords, etc.) have those handy and ready to go before everyone arrives. Have everyone bring along their favorite snack to share as a bonus!

Go on a Nature Walk

There’s just something so relaxing about a nature walk with some warm tea, coffee, or hot cocoa in hand. Visit your favorite coffee shop or maybe make yourself a warm beverage at home and bring it along your next nature walk. Getting outside and in the fresh air is great to wake your body up and get that stale, indoor air out of the lungs. Always be sure to bundle up and maybe pick a day that is warmer than others as the temperature starts to drop, but rest assured you’ll definitely warm up as you get walking! If it’s especially cold, throw some hand warmers in your pockets too! And of course if you don’t want to travel too far, your loved ones are always welcome to join our walking club within our communities!

Here are two of our favorite parks near our Pennsylvania locations:

  • Riverview Park in Pittsburgh, PA: Great trails and outdoor space for all your recreation activities.
  • Twinning Valley Park in Dresher, PA: Large open spaces great for walking and dog friendly activities.

Get Cozy at Home

Being in the Northeast, we’re no stranger to the cold weather. So on those days where it’s just way too cold, we have some additional options on how you and your loved ones can enjoy yourselves.

  • Make their space cozy and winter ready with warm fuzzy blankets, new slippers, and winter-scented candles.
  • Play their favorite games inside within our community common spaces or in their own home at the community.
  • Always keep an eye on our weekly activities calendar to sign up for any activities that may spark an interest! We have both physical and mental activities rotating each week so our residents can stay active and engage with their peers!

The winter months can be very hard on some people and can make you feel trapped inside depending on the type of winter we get. With that in mind, our incredible team is always ready to assist and find creative ways to stay active and engaged with our residents whether it’s indoors or outdoors all winter long!

If you are interested in learning more about our retirement communities in Pennsylvania, give us a call!

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