Ways To Get Social At Our Assisted Living Community in Mishawaka

Socialization with intention isn’t just for fun; it promotes well-being, too.


Healthy relationships are important at any age, and while it’s better to have quality people in your life than quantity, it’s essential to meet new people and socialize with those around you. In addition, consistent socialization keeps the mind mentally fit and the body active. Mingling with your peers has also been known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Further, the importance of regular socialization for those with memory support needs cannot be overstated. Intentionally socializing with peers, staff, family, and friends in a controlled setting can help your loved one with memory challenges strengthen their connection to the present as well as improve their quality of life.

At Heritage Point, an assisted living, transitional assisted living, and memory care community in Mishawaka, Indiana, the overall health of residents is our top priority. And socialization is a vital part of that health!

We are an all-inclusive community, so we are proud of the opportunities we provide our residents with to socialize. We host daily group activities where our residents can meet each other and make new friends. In addition, we offer a welcoming community where people can eat, relax, and socialize with others their age as well as our friendly staff members and visitors.
Here are some of our favorite ways that our residents can mix and mingle in the community:

Gathering in Common Areas

While each of our residents enjoys their own space, they also have the opportunity to gather with their peers and our staff in our comfortable community areas. Whether indoors or outdoors, our community offers plenty of locations to meet with friends or make new ones. Our residents are welcome to sit and chat, enjoy some tea, play games, or simply enjoy the view at any time.

Enjoying Community Events

At Heritage Point, we provide plenty of structured activities for residents to enjoy. No matter your loved one’s interests, there’s something for everyone! Whether they love crafts, games, sing-a-longs, trivia, or movies, there is always an event to attend that will entertain and provide plenty of opportunity to socialize!

Staying Healthy with Group Exercise

Exercising is a great way to meet new people as many try new workouts. Our residents can stay healthy while making friends by joining one of our workout classes. Our community offers various workouts–from yoga to aerobics and beyond–every day. Not only does physical activity support long-term, overall health, but every one of your loved one’s potential new friends will be in a good mood after all of those exercise-induced endorphins!

Exploring the Outdoors

Whether it’s a nice walk around our community or sitting outside in one of our beautifully tended outdoor areas, spending time outside is important for peace of mind and overall health. And bringing a new friend makes it even better! If the weather is chilly, our residents are encouraged to dress in layers and bring their favorite warm drink along to embrace the season.

Get Techy with VR Therapy

What if we told you that our residents can experience vacations, sightseeing, concerts, and historical sites all without leaving the comfort of our community? With our virtual reality therapy program, our residents can be entertained, support their minds, and socialize with their neighbors through sharing amazing virtual reality experiences.

Our Life Enrichment program truly provides something for everyone at Heritage Point! And if your loved one’s favorite activity is not on the list, we want to know! We are happy to work with our residents to provide activities everyone can enjoy.

To learn more about residency or schedule a tour of Heritage Point, contact our friendly team today.

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