Outdoor Exercise Tips for Memory Care

Welcome The Season by Getting Outside and Moving!


With the turn of the seasons, there are many of us ready to get outside and put in a little exercise in the fresh spring air. Some of our favorite exercises are simple to do, but a truly unique and fun way to get your body moving. Our amazing memory care team has compiled a few of our favorite unique exercises below. We hope you and your loved ones can try some of these out this season and potentially discover a new favorite!

Hula Hooping

While technically this one can be done inside, you’d need a lot of room to get a group of friends enough space to hula hoop together! Since the weather is nice, break out the good old hula hoop for a bit of nostalgic fun and let your inner child out. Great for flexibility in the abdomen, back, and hips, the traditional waist action of this activity is an excellent builder of core-strength. For added benefit, consider using a smaller one on your arms and create big arm circles to build up strength and muscle in both your arms and your upper back!


A classic outdoor game, bocce (or “boules” in France) has been a staple of senior activity for a good reason. A light exercise, the bending and tossing action of the sport is a gentle but effective way to limber up the body and encourage flexibility. Similar to bowling, except without pins, the main activity is throwing a ball toward a target ball and seeing who can get closest. Not only is this a good physical workout, but the strategic move of aiming to knock your opponent’s balls out of the way is a great mind workout too! You can learn more about the health benefits of bocce ball here!


There’s a reason birdwatching is such a popular pastime. Not only are you able to see and identify beautiful local birds, but the cardiovascular benefits of walking are felt in full! While nature trails are the obvious choice for birdwatching, you can even go birding in your own neighborhood. Take a stroll and set a timer, and see how many local species or visitors in the transitional seasons you can spot in that time. Grab a friend, your trusty binoculars, and a little notebook to mark the different types of birds you see. Between the mental stimulation, the social aspect, and the walking, this could easily become your next favorite form of outdoor exercise!


For those with a green thumb, an excellent form of exercise is gardening. From digging in the dirt working your arms and core to bending and squatting, this full-body workout doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s a light aerobic exercise that involves sunshine, friends, and creating something beautiful. Not only is it good for the legs, arms, and core, but gardening is also an excellent workout for your hands – keeping the muscles working with grabbing and pulling weeds! So grab a few friends, a plot of land, a little bit of a plan, and some seedlings and get out on a beautiful spring day to dig in the dirt!

There’s nothing like exercising outside, and in the springtime, it’s truly a delight. We hope you found a couple of new activities you’d like to explore!

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