What Does All-Inclusive Senior Living in Austin Include?

Knowing Which Amenities are Included Helps Seniors Compare Options

What Does All-Inclusive Senior Living in Austin Include

Cutting edge retirement communities anticipate what seniors will want tomorrow in order to work toward and provide those amenities in real time, transforming senior living from a necessity to a retirement goal. Because of this forward-thinking strategy, the definition of all-inclusive senior living has changed substantially in the last decade.

Almost everybody has been the victim of a misunderstanding around the term “all-inclusive”: perhaps you’ve booked an all-inclusive vacation only to find that it doesn’t include your drinks, bought fair wristbands that don’t cover the best ride, or toured an all-inclusive retirement communities that charges extra for meals and snacks. For this reason, it’s important to find out what’s included in the monthly rent before committing to a community.

Here, we’ll share what all-inclusive living means at The Clairmont, and although not all communities will offer the same amenities, we hope it serves a great starting point and helps you compare your options.

Move-In Coordination

Before you even live at the Clairmont, move-in services are available to help you navigate all of the complexities of moving, like finding a real estate agent, planning financially, and selecting a reputable moving company. Although the services are charged to you by third parties, the coordination is offered free of cost.

Meals and Snacks

The Clairmont offers 24/7 dining, which means you can eat day or night and it’s included in your rent. The Meals and snacks prepared by a gourmet chef and designed to cater to dietary needs and preferences are available to all residents of The Clairmont. Please note that not all retirement communities offer meals and snacks, and some offer meals and snacks at an additional monthly or per meal cost.

Gym Membership

Included in monthly rent is gym membership for all residents, which comes with access to the gym and all fitness equipment as well as access to group fitness classes, like Yoga and Zumba. The gym at The Clairmont is on-site, which makes it easy to fit a workout into your daily routine.

Activities and Outings

Residents get unlimited access to activities and outings at the Clairmont. The schedule is full of a myriad of events to choose from – ranging from card games to local concerts – and residents can attend as many events as they choose at no extra cost. On occasion, the community may offer the opportunity to attend local events at an extra cost, but those costs are well advertised so residents can make informed decisions about their entertainment.

Local Transportation

It’s very common for prospective residents to share that a primary reason they’re seeking community living is better access to on-site services and free local transportation; driving in a rush hour doesn’t get more enjoyable as you get older. The Clairmont, transportation to local appointments, shopping centers, and events is included in the cost of the rent.

Travel Program

Residents of the Clairmont have access to free lodging, dining, and activities in almost 30 different retirement communities throughout the United States, allowing residents to travel affordably to beautiful destinations, meet new friends, and enjoy the local culture through dining and events.

Other Amenities

24/7 staffing, a secure building, access to community rooms for hosting family, monthly utilities, and computer lab use are all included in the cost of rent at the Clairmont.

To learn more about all-inclusive living at The Clairmont or schedule your tour of our community, visit us online today!

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