Winter Decor Inspiration from Our Independent Living Communities

Get into the winter spirit with these decor ideas!


When you take the time and effort to decorate for the new season, your home feels brand new! There’s something amazing about the transformation that can come from a few simple and intentional decor changes– it truly has the power to turn your home into a new and improved version. Within our multiple independent living retirement communities across the country, many of our residents take pride in their decorating skills. In the colder months, there are tons of eye-catching decor ideas to try out! Whether you’ve always had a knack for decorating, or are looking for a new hobby to try, take a look at these winter decor inspiration ideas to give you some inspiration!

Throws and Pillows

Our first winter decor inspiration tip is to clearly establish your living spaces as warm, welcoming, and inviting. Nothing says “warm” like lots of cozy white pillows and wool throw blankets! As you change your bedding out for warmer linens, consider adding a thick throw to the mix. On your couches or chairs, incorporate fluffy or furry pillows. Of course, if you enjoy knitting, a hand-made soft and textured blanket could be a great decorative piece as well as an invitation for loved ones to snuggle close around the fire!

Whites and Greens

The cold, serene snowflakes can be your winter decor inspiration for your color scheme this winter: as much white as possible! We mentioned white pillows, but adding white flowers, ceramic bowls, curtains, and light-colored area rugs can take your home to that next level of cleanliness and welcoming for winter. Incorporating a few pops of green in diluted sage tones can add a little more life and character back into your living spaces.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Natural elements may look a little different for your decor in the winter than in spring or summer when your home is full of vibrant blooms, but they can be just as beautiful! Pinecones with faux snow placed in a basket or glass bowl, for instance, can instantly add a level of sophistication and class to your dining area. A hint of brightness from cranberries or pomegranates in a bowl brings a touch of the holidays, while still staying largely in the theme of a wintery atmosphere, Some other natural elements you can include are twigs, real or fake plants, and fresh herbs.


While fall, spring, summer, and the holiday season tend to call for more extravagant decorations with lots of embellishments, it can be a nice mental and visual break to simplify things during the winter. Taking down some of the decor already in your living spaces and going for a more minimal approach can give you that breath of fresh air you didn’t know you needed!

At each of our independent living retirement communities, we empower our residents to find joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives. While it might seem small, taking the time to intentionally and lovingly decorate your home for winter can absolutely be one of those fulfilling experiences. Winter is a beautiful time for reflection and rebirth, and we hope these decor suggestions got you thinking about what you might want to try. Let us know what you think!

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