Winter Self-Care Ideas at Our Senior Apartments in Lake Charles, LA

Feel Good This Season With Self-Care


What is self-care? The topic has become increasingly popular during the last few years–but you may be wondering, what exactly does ‘self-care’ entail? It can be defined as being mindful of your own needs by intentionally caring for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. This means it looks different for everyone, as self-care comes in a variety of forms. The Verandah Retirement Community in Lake Charles, LA offers ample opportunities for our residents to engage in self-care and thrive. Keep reading to learn about a few benefits of self-care and the various forms of self-care opportunities in our communities.

Benefits of Self-Care

  • It reduces stress and anxiety. Engaging in self-care can help ground yourself and take your mind off of any stressors you are experiencing, in turn allowing you to relax.
  • It can promote healthy relationships. If you don’t care for yourself, how can you care for others? Engaging in self-care, positive self-talk and self-compassion can help improve your relationship with yourself. By having a positive relationship with yourself, you’re likely to be more welcoming and empathetic to other people, allowing for healthier, easier relationships.
  • It can increase confidence. Since self-care is all about focusing on taking care of your mind, body and soul and learning to avoid things that do not promote them. By maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, you will experience positive feelings that will in turn boost your self-confidence.

Self-Care Activity Ideas

Our retirement community offers many ways for residents to engage in self-care. Here are a few ideas for you to try this winter:

  • Create a new exercise routine. Staying active is a key part of caring for yourself, and the cooler weather makes it difficult to exercise outdoors. Try creating a new exercise routine to stay moving–consider trying out one of The Verandah’s exercise classes–you might just love it!
  • Bake something. Everyone has a guilty pleasure that brings them comfort. So, why not make yours? Bake yourself your favorite treat, and consider inviting a friend over to share it with you!
  • Contribute to a cause. Giving back to your community or a cause that you care about can be gratifying and give you a sense of purpose. Plus, it’s a great way to mingle with others. Find a local organization you’re interested in and sign up to volunteer!
  • Get creative. Expressing your creativity can be a great self-care outlet. Whether you enjoy painting, crafting or journaling, any form of expressing yourself can help you relax.
  • Enjoy a winter activity. Spark feelings of joy by enjoying a seasonal activity, such as going to a local festival or concert. At The Verandah, we are always happy to provide you with complimentary transportation to local spots! We may even have a group outing on the calendar you’d like to enjoy!
  • Read a book. Enjoying a good book can be relaxing, and get your mind off of anything stressful in your life. At The Verandah, you have the flexibility to sit back and enjoy a good read from the comfort of your own room, or in a cozy spot within the community. Consider joining or starting a book club to enjoy this activity with others!
  • Get outside. Luckily, the temperatures in Louisiana don’t get too cold–so get outdoors when you can! Whether going for a stroll around our beautiful grounds or checking out Downtown Lake Charles, getting fresh air and a change of scenery can be very refreshing.

These are just a few ways to practice self-care; others include spending time with family, going to the spa, getting a haircut, and taking breaks from electronics–it’s whatever makes YOU feel your best. So whether you already have a healthy self-care routine or want to find something that works for you, The Verandah Retirement Community offers plenty of opportunities for you to engage in self-care this winter and every season.

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