Wise and Wonderful: Exercise 101 – How to get Started

Wise and Wonderful: Exercise 101 – How to get Started


In the New Year people start thinking about new goals and resolutions. The number one New Year’s Resolution always seems to be to exercise more, and for good reason. At one time or another we have all been encouraged to exercise by either a physician, family member or caring friend. The truth is that the benefits of exercise, particularly as you age, are almost too numerous to list. Not only can exercise help you increase energy and reduce arthritic pain, but it can significantly reduce the risk of falls which allows you to stay independent!

While it is not difficult to understand why exercise is essential to successful aging, it can be difficult to get the courage to get started. Group fitness classes offer a variety of benefits including a trained instructor and peer support. If you are new to exercise and decide to join a group fitness class it is important to understand that you do not need to complete the entire class in order to reap the benefits. All participants in a group fitness class should take things at their own pace and above all else listen to their bodies.

When considering what type of group fitness class to enroll in take into account your personal level of conditioning as well as the level of intensity for the fitness class. Although originally considered classes for the young and limber many senior fitness centers now offer Yoga and Tai Chi classes that are specifically designed for seniors. Often times these classes are a great starting point for seniors looking for a slower paced class that focuses on strategic movement and balance.

For those looking to get started on a new exercise routine, but not quite ready for a group fitness class, try a home workout. Starting with a few seated exercises while watching TV at night can make a huge difference. Ask an exercise specialist for a handful of exercises that you can do from home. When the exercises become too easy for you, be sure and ask for a more advanced set.

Just like starting anything new beginning an exercise routine may feel intimidating at first. However, don’t give up because in no time at all you will start to reap the countless benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Congratulations, you are on your way to better health!

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