Wise and Wonderful: It’s Official Spring Has Sprung!

Wise and Wonderful: It’s Official Spring Has Sprung!


It’s never easy to get outside as often as you would like during those fickle winter months. With poor weather and shorter winter days, our opportunities to get out and explore are limited.  However, rather than dwelling on what we missed out on over the past several months, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate the fact that ‘Spring has Sprung’!

Spring is a time to start fresh and celebrate new life. Longer days, blooming flowers, chirping birds and blue skies are just a few of nature’s gifts that we have to look forward to every year around this time. As human beings an essential part of our personal wellness stems from the connection that we have with nature. Although it doesn’t have to be for a long period of time, it is important that we make an effort to step out into a natural environment and experience the life that exists just outside of our front doors.

While fresh air itself is enough to rejuvenate and energize our body, mind and spirit, taking it even further can have a powerful and lasting effect. For example, take our residents at Waterford Terrace Retirement Community who chose to celebrate last week’s ‘Earth Day’ by planting a Community tree in their roof top garden.  This was a great opportunity to celebrate the beautiful weather in sunny San Diego, while planting a the tree that will be around for years to come as a living memory of this special day they shared together as a Community.

However, our residents in San Diego are not the only ones taking advantage the beautiful spring weather. Our residents at Garden Way Retirement Community in Eugene, Oregon seized the opportunity to take a scenic drive through Keizer, Oregon to attend the annual Kaiser Iris Festival.  While walking through rows and rows of gorgeous flowers, everyone was also able to learn about the different types of Iris’ that are native to their region.

Finally, we find ourselves near Novato, CA with our residents at Deer Park Retirement Community. While our residents attend outings year round, the residents at Deer Park found this to be the perfect time of year for a nature tour of Muir Woods National Monument. This is an area with an astounding 295 acres of Redwoods that has been preserved thanks to President Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Antiquities Act’.

So whether you simply step outside for some blue skies and fresh air or choose to explore even further, don’t forget to celebrate the new life happening all around you. All across the United States flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, reminding us that winter is over and it’s time to get outside once again and explore the many wonders of nature!

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