Wise and Wonderful: September

Wise and Wonderful: September


It’s NOT the Back’s Fault

The truth is that often times lower back pain, when it is a muscular issue, stems from muscles in our legs and hips that are overly tight. These muscles get increasingly tight if we sit for long periods of time. Proper stretching of our hamstrings, glutes, piriformis and Iliopsoas may help reduce or relieve pain in the lower back.

As Dr. Ben Kim states, “In my chiropractic practice, I estimate that at least 80 percent of people who present with lower back pain have tight hamstrings as the root of their problem. Even if these people have their lower backs treated on a regular basis, they will continue to suffer from intermittent lower back pain if they do not address their hamstring tightness.” To stretch the hamstrings you will need a strap of some form. Lay flat on your bed, with the strap placed around the bottom of the foot on the leg you are stretching. Lift the leg you are stretching up towards you while holding the strap with one hand. When your leg is as close to you as possible pull just a little on the strap to get a stretch in the back of your leg.

Hold for two seconds and then slowly bring your leg back down to the bed. Repeat ten times.

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