Wise and Wonderful: Tai Chi at Country Club Village

Wise and Wonderful: Tai Chi at Country Club Village


Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation and Ballet, these are all words we generally equate with a young and ‘hip’ generation of individuals seeking out total body wellness. What is remarkable is that all of these practices have in recent years also caught the attention of our seniors, who are always looking for new ways to stay independent and active.

Only a few months ago Country Club Village residents put in a request for a Community Tai Chi class, something they had experienced in the past during Country Club Village’s annual August Wellness Month. Stacy Drennan, Country Club Village’s Life Enrichment Director, saw this not only as an opportunity to improve the wellness of her residents, but also as an opportunity to expand her own education as a senior wellness professional.  With Stacy now being a certified Tai Chi instructor they are able to offer the class weekly.

So why is it that seniors love Tai Chi so much? Well, part of the reason is that Tai Chi is a series of basic human movements that can be slow and rhythmic. This combined with the breathing and meditation exercises that accompany Tai Chi prove to be an effective means of improving range of motion, circulation, and flexibility. In addition, Tai Chi has been proven to help with the reduction of stress as well as improvements in mental clarity.  With so much to gain through this practice it’s no wonder the seniors at Country Club Village have chosen to incorporate Tai Chi into their weekly wellness practices.

Join us Every Tuesday at 3pm for our Weekly Tai Chi Class

For more information or to join us for Tai Chi, please call: (501) 881-4957, email: CountryClub@SunshineRet.com or visit our website: www.CountryClubVillageRet.com. Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CountryClubVillageRet

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