Wise and Wonderful: Welcome Home!

Wise and Wonderful: Welcome Home!

Wise and Wonderful: Welcome Home!

Whether you are five, fifty-five or a hundred and five there are certain things as human beings that we all need to feel alive and at peace. One of those basic human needs is love and companionship; we need to feel as if we are a part of the lives of those around us. At Sunshine Retirement Living, we understand that the transition into a retirement community can be a quite intimidating life change. However, as with any major change in life, if you are prepared and given the right tools, it transforms from a frightening life change into an extraordinary adventure!

Welcome Committee, Tarrytowne Estates

At Sunshine Retirement Living we understand that when a resident moves into one of our Communities, not only will they need resources to properly orient themselves to their new home but they will also be looking to build new friendships! With this in mind, we have a-one-of-a-kind special program called the “Sunshine Welcome Club” that not only ensures new residents have the tools they need to be prepared for this change, but also assures that they will become better acquainted with their new neighbors. Our Welcome Club is built upon three simple steps to effectively help our residents feel prepared for their next chapter in life and excited about their new life with their new neighbors!

Step One: Meet The Team

Garden Way Retirement Community, Management Team

One of the biggest perks about moving into a Sunshine Community is that you no longer have to spend your time cooking and cleaning and can dedicate that time to enjoying your retirement. Our Community Team includes a Management Couple, Assistant Management Couple, Executive Chef, Head Housekeeper, Maintenance Director and Life Enrichment Director. To help our residents get better acquainted with their support team, each team member arranges a meet-up with all new residents within their first week. This is not only a time for the new resident to become familiar with the services offered in their new home but it is also an opportunity for the Team to gain valuable information on what their new family member would need to help them feel right at home.

Step 2: Community Information

There are few things that could be more important to a resident who has just moved into a new home, than a Resident Handbook. Not only does our Resident Handbook offer our residents the tools to help orient them to their new home, but it helps them learn how they may get involved in their Community. With entire chapters dedicated to Community Information, Security, Popular Activities, Fine Dining, Sunshine Ambassadors, Wellness Programs, Bus Service, Housekeeping and Maintenance, new residents are guaranteed to have access to all of the information they will need to utilize our endless services and amenities.

Step 3: Get Acquainted

Sunshine Welcome Basket


Community Ambassadors, Dunwoody Pines, GA

On their very first day, our residents receive a big beautiful basket of goodies prepared by our Welcome Committee and are introduced to their own personal Community Ambassador. Our Community Ambassadors are hand selected for each new resident based on interests and personalities. Our Community Ambassadors offer new residents a Community orientation and will introduce the new resident to their neighbors and other residents who share the same interests. The Ambassadors also help our new residents become familiar with our dining room by seating them at our ‘Sunshine Table’ with other residents whose company they feel their new neighbor would enjoy.

We know how important it is to feel like you are a part of the Community in which you live. At Sunshine Retirement Living we are proud to say we offer all of our residents the tools they need to feel safe and happy in their new home. It is because of our Welcome Club that a resident can let go of the anxieties they may have felt about their new transition and instead focus on the friendly staff, new neighbors and various amenities that their new home has to offer!

Welcome Home!

Your Sunshine Team

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