Wise and Wonderful: The Many Faces of Love and Friendship

Wise and Wonderful: The Many Faces of Love and Friendship

Wise and Wonderful: The Many Faces of Love and Friendship

Let’s face it, as amazing as this life is, all of us experience hardships at one point in our life or another.  For those good times, and especially for those bad times, it is so important to have people with you for support and to share in your experience.  The power of the human connection may often be strong enough to help us through those times we could not have imagined getting through on our own.  However, where that re-energizing connection comes from may be different for everyone.

Thinking back on our lives we can all recall moments where an interaction with another person completely changed our day, week, month, year, or even our entire life.  Maybe it’s a friend or family member who knows you so well that they knew exactly what to say at the exact right time.  Or perhaps it was a total stranger whose small action had a tremendous impact on you.  Either way, it is a simple truth in life that together we have a different sort of power to thrive thanif we were on our own.

When May Sunshine Hasso started this company in July 2010, her vision included providing our residents with a fulfilling environment where they could continue to make powerful connections like those they made during their younger years. Sunshine communities embrace the core mission of people, passion and excellence, and those of us who are lucky enough to work here are constantly amazed by the genuine support and love that organically develops amongst our community residents.

So during the month of February, we remind our residents, staff and friends to take a moment and appreciate the many people in your life who have shown you love and support throughout your life, and who keep you full of hope.

In Good Health!

Denise Park, Wellness Director
Sunshine Retirement Living


Dedicated Walkers
Rain or Shine Wendel & Louise, Residents of The Continental, Encourage Each Other to Get Out and Get Walking

Residents at The Landing at Behrman Place Support Each Other in Good Times and Ban Times
Harry & Flo
Harry and Flo, Residents at Summerfield Estates in Tigard, OR Have Been Married for 59 Years!

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