Why Working Out Is Important For Seniors’ Health

Why Working Out Is Important For Seniors’ Health


The topic of health is everywhere in the news, as the obesity rates and processed food production soars, but 80% of adult Americans still do not get the recommended amount of exercise a day. When people don’t exercise, it has been proven to affect the quality of life, and can lead people to feel sluggish or depressed. It does seem that it bears repeating just how important physical activity is, regardless of your age.

Undeniable Results

Exercise is necessary to keep blood flowing and endorphins pumping. Muscles stay strong and have far less danger of atrophying, and seniors report incredible results when they start working out. Recently in Carson City, a senior who took fitness classes was interviewed about how exercise helped her. She was able to switch from using walkers, to only needing a cane for minor support, to walking independently. Her diabetes became less severe, and the 85-year-old has a new appreciation for life. A recent study also shows that seniors who participate in exercise (moderate to high-intensity) were 30% less likely to experience heart trouble.

Workout Techniques

It’s difficult to determine someone’s stamina, as that often means pushing people past their abilities. However, even gentle workouts can mean a world of difference. Seniors should start by developing excellent breathing tactics, posture poses and stretching practices, and those same seniors can go from mild movements to serious strength. The posture exercises can be especially important to stop falls before they start.
Here are just a few exercises that are highly recommended for seniors. Always talk to a doctor before embarking on a new diet or exercise plan.

  • Yoga or Tai Chai
  • Cardio
  • Resistance Training
  • Weight Lifting
  • Push Ups or Sit Ups
  • Varying Intensity

Seniors who exercise on a regular basis gradually understand what their body can handle, and while not everyone has the same athletic ability, most people are shocked to learn what they’re capable of (even at an advanced age.) One intense minute of a workout has roughly the same benefits of 2 minutes of gentler exercise. For those who do not enjoy exercising, this could be a good motivator so they can get back to doing what they do want to do. To ensure people continue to exercise, it’s often worth changing routines simply so there’s less chance of becoming bored. Workouts are easily customizable to your tastes, so some might appreciate different exercises while others get hooked on a static plan. However, it’s worth noting that doing the same exercises can exert an undue amount of stress on certain parts of the body, so it may be necessary for the senior to work different muscle groups on different days.

Why A Having Workout Buddy Is Important

Buddies not only motivate you to workout, but they’re also there should something go wrong. Exercise doesn’t have to come in the form of a fancy gym and equipment, or by trying to set a new world record. It can be as simple as two friends going for a walk, chatting about what they see and enjoying the sunshine. It can also be about knocking on a friend’s door and reminding them they have in their exercise class in 20 minutes. When you have another person there to keep you accountable, you’re more likely to hit your goal and stay safe while doing so.
Sunshine Retirement Living stays committed to our residents’ quality of life, which is why we offer a variety of classes to strengthen both the body and mind and activities to boost overall health. If you would like to learn more about our programs and facilities, click here to contact our friendly staff members!

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