If You’re Traveling Where We Are This Summer, Make Yourself At Home

If You’re Traveling Where We Are This Summer, Make Yourself At Home


Every summer and throughout the year, Sunshine residents will have the opportunity to travel around this great country of ours. Yet for many of them, it’ll be like they never left home. That’s because they’re wise enough to take advantage of Sunshine Retirement Living’s unique Travel Program.

How does it work? Well, if you happen to be exploring in or near one of our communities, just call ahead to reserve a guest suite there, and you can stay free for up to seven nights. That means you can enjoy all of the comforts of your Sunshine home in 14 vibrant cities in six different states, including:

Donna Lusk of Villa Serena in Santa Clara, CA is a frequent visitor at Creekside Oaks in Folsom. She says, “I’ve had a great time there. The management is wonderful and the residents are very friendly. I plan to go again next year.”

Another Villa Serena resident, Mary Thomas, has traveled to Garden Way in Eugene, OR. “I like everything there,” she says. “They have a lovely dining room and the Wine Party was one of my favorites.”

Just like the local residents, you’re welcome to enjoy three meals a day, complimentary transportation around town, and all the activities each community has to offer. So why not venture out to see the sites, make new friends, and enjoy it all with peace of mind. Chances are, there’s Sunshine wherever you want to be! (Rooms subject to availability.)

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