Here at Sunshine Retirement Living, our mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve. We aim to promote independence, confidence, and community among our residents and employees. We’re proud of what we do and are even prouder to receive excellent feedback for our services. Read what it’s like to work with Sunshine Retirement Living from our very own residents & their families, and our staff.

Residents & Family

This is a five-star facility, as five-star can be!

We moved Mom in about a year ago. She is not a big social buff, however, the employees and staff have continually reached out to her and made this her home. I am so impressed with the Executive Director! He was our first contact on our initial visit and continues to do an exemplary job. He is kind, intuitive, thoughtful, professional, motivated, and well-suited for this occupation. A true leader. If anyone is looking for a place to land Mom or Dad, or both, you owe it to yourself to get acquainted with Sadek and his staff, and take a tour of this superbly run facility. A big thanks to all of the staff members who take the time to personally get to know the residents. It is greatly appreciated!

Glenn Liebig, Son of Resident
Creekside Oaks Retirement Community, Folsom, CA

Now that we have experienced other facilities, our family is even more grateful that our mother, Elsie Pointer, had so many great years at Country Club Village.

We all miss CCV! The chefs did an excellent job. Nowhere, do you find the variety of fresh fruits and raw/cooked veggies. We miss the nutritious meals tremendously. We used to always love visiting Mom for lunch or Sunday dinner, because at CCV, it was like eating at a great restaurant! The managers and staff were exceptional. I feel that there is a CCV culture, almost a legacy, of great service and care. Nothing else compares, and I’ve visited just about all the facilities for the 55-100+ crowd.

Eleanor Sherfield, Daughter of Resident
Country Club Village Retirement Community, Hot Springs, AR

My mom was really struggling with living alone and was no longer able to drive.

We visited many places before deciding on The Clairmont. I cannot say enough about how much her life has changed for the better since moving in.

She really enjoys meals and the varied and interesting activities. The Activities Director and all the staff are friendly and loving. They keep the place clean and bright. The family always feels welcome. The price was very reasonable given all that is included. We are all so happy she made this move.

Jennifer Dukes, Daughter of Resident
The Clairmont Retirement Community, Austin, TX

Such a beautiful place for Mom!

Since moving Mom into The Gardens, I’ve had to increase the level of care to ensure she is getting the proper attention but things have been really good! The facility itself is beautiful and the residents seem to be very happy. I’ve actually recommended the place since she’s moved in, and Mom’s best friend will be moving in next!

Child of Resident
The Gardens at Brook Ridge, Pharr, TX

This place is truly amazing and if I could live there myself, I would.

Mom has been in the Assisted Living section of the community for a short time now, and things seems to be going really well for her. The food is so good she doesn’t think she’ll be losing any weight and the staff are great! I’d recommend.

Child of Resident
The Verandah Independent & Assisted Living, Lake Charles, LA

Fantastic place. I’ve been there to visit my big brother’s mother-in-law many times.

The place is spotless and modern, the staff is very friendly and the food is pretty good too. I would choose Fountain Crest in a heartbeat if I was looking for a retirement home for myself.

Friend of Resident
Fountain Crest Retirement Community, Lehigh Acres, FL

I am definitely okay with making the decision to move to The Continental.

The staff is always willing to help and very friendly. There is always something for us residents to do. I really enjoy playing rummy cube and mahjong. So far the experience has been a great one!

Current Resident
The Continental Retirement Community, Austin, TX

Grateful to the staff and residents for being so welcoming and caring to my mother.

We couldn’t ask for more caring an environment and for such a reasonable price. Providing a home with dignity for those independent but don’t want to be alone.

Jackie Stein Bold, Child of Resident
Dunwoody Pines Retirement Community, Dunwoody, GA

Great place! My husband has been there since January of 2016.

The staff are caring and friendly and the food is amazing and fresh. Atmosphere in the dining area is always upbeat

Mark Pfister, Spouse of Resident
The Continental Retirement Community, Austin, TX

Professionalism at its best!

I am the daughter of a resident at your senior retirement community, Quail Lodge, in Antioch, California. My mother, Emilia Figueroa, moved to Quail Lodge in January of this year and we are all delighted that she is in a caring and “top notch” facility. You have an amazing staff at Quail Lodge which is friendly, compassionate, and professional. Every time I visit my mother at Quail Lodge, I am impressed with how well everything is run. Today, as I had lunch with my mother, I noticed that Ms. Susan Allen, the Executive Director, was helping distribute the meals and see that all the residents were attended efficiently. I found out that the lunch staff was short handed today; therefore, she instantly jumped in to help. She sets a great example of leadership, professionalism, and teamwork, and her staff responds in kind. Every time I visit Quail Lodge I see amazing team work and everyone covers for each other when needed to provide the best service to the residents. Even though Ms. Susan Allen is super busy, she always takes time to answer my questions and those of the residents that I see before me. She definitely takes her job to heart and sees that every operation within the facility runs smoothly. Her patience and compassion definitely add to the success of this facility.

When I see great work, I like to pass along the message. There is no doubt my mom and all the residents at Quail Lodge are in good hands! Thanks to impressive employees like Ms. Susan Allen, it is a win-win for all!

Zaida Owre, Daughter of resident
Quail Lodge

Letter of Appreciation!

It is with genuine sincerity that I write this short letter to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone connected with Sunshine Retirement Living, from top management at headquarters in Bend, Oregon, down to all the nice retirees/residents here at Waterford Terrace Retirement community. Headquarters:

Although I have never met any of you, I think it is really great that you have provided facilities, Wherever they be, for retirees like me to spend our final years living in comfort and care.
Thank you very much.

Waterford Management Team:

I have been here about 9 months, Having moved in about june 30, 2017. You do a great job in keeping so many senior citizens comfortable and happy. I have been very impressed since my arrival here.
Great Job!

Department Coordinators:

All of you have varied responsibilities & show great skills in being able to please so many residents. It must not be easy to “Hold Your Tongue” and maintain your patience. I admire you and feel envious of you for being able to do that. I know that I have counted on most of you, If not all, to give me assistance in some way.
Thanks and Congratulations.

Waterford Terrace Team Members:

All you team members, including the kitchen staff and servers. Are so caring in your attitudes toward us residents. You deserve more than just a “Pat on the Back” from us seniors for your patience. Great job! (I wish I could carry a tray full of food and dishes with one hand!! I believe I once tried with paper cups and plates— I wont tell you the results, except no broken items).
Great Job Guys and Girls

My Fellow Residents:

I can remember my first visit to the dining room after moving in. It was such a good feeling to have so many people come to me to welcome me. (At least 3 or 4 “Bills” were in that group……hahaha). Anyway, I am yet to really meet everyone, so many names to remember. My goal, in the meantime, is to eventually get more acquainted with everyone. By maybe sitting with you at your table during one of the meals. It has been my pleasure to be a fellow-resident to all of you. I cannot remember meeting so many fine people in one place.


George Howell

Sunshine Staff

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

I never quite understood this quote until now. I currently work at The Gardens at Brook Ridge. Let me walk you through a day in my world. Upon entering, you are welcomed with the smell of fresh baked pastries, fresh brewed coffee and residents smiling from ear to ear. Everyone is so welcoming from the housekeepers, Care Attendants, CNA’s and literally every staff member. For the first time in my life I appreciate my job, co-workers, boss, and management. My first day, not one single person hesitated to help me. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel very comfortable. My loving residents have taught me more than they will ever know. They taught me to live life to the fullest, take nothing or no one for granted. Give more, take less and always treat people with love and respect. So many people from all parts of the world yet we all come together as a family to help one another. I try my best to give 100%, not because I have to, but because I truly want to. I have had the most amazing opportunity to meet amazing people who have impacted lives in more ways than one. Not many people can actually say that they enjoy and truly love their job but I am very fortunate and honored to say I do. I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams and will continue to give all that I can to my wonderful residents who deserve nothing but the very best. Thank you for this golden opportunity to work for a loving, caring and truly awesome company. God Bless.

Dora Arteaga
The Gardens at Brook Ridge, Pharr, TX

I love my job because I get to interact with people who have done so much, given what they could and accomplished so much in their life.

I come to work with a “Can and Will” type attitude. Which means, I can do any and everything to assist my residents and I will make sure they have a blessed and fulfilling day. I can give you endless stories of how happy my residents, co-workers and boss make me but one stays forever engraved in my heart. To come to work knowing that my residents look forward to seeing me daily, give me compliments on how helpful and cheerful? am and the fact that when I feel down they are quick to give me endless reasons why I should smile. You can go your entire life working just to work and pay bills but fortunate are those who get to come to a place where “Happy” is in every face you see. I can honestly say I live it I see it and I get to experience this amazing emotion most don’t get a chance to. If I don’t say it enough I will say it now, Thank you The Gardens at Brook Ridge, staff, residents and Management for allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate my true passion to take care of people who need a caring, loving and supportive nurse. My only wish is that one day I get treated with the same compassion that I gave my loving residents. We truly have a great team here at The Gardens at Brook Ridge and I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing organization.

Tomassa Lopez, CAN/Care Attendant
The Gardens at Brook Ridge, Pharr, TX

It’s my home away from home. The atmosphere is warm and inviting

The residents are not just my residents but are my family. Some residents and I bond together as a family enough, that they express their feelings of some joy and pain, even if I don’t have the answers they appreciate a listening ear. Our staff plays games and share in activities alongside our residents, go on field trips such as South Padre Island.

We have a beautiful swimming pool where family can join their loved ones for a swim. Our community also serves delicious food served restaurant style by our friendly staff. Oh and I almost forgot a variety of delicious desserts to choose from. The Gardens also nominates a “Shining Star” (Employee of the Month) which I think is an honor because the votes come from our residents and well not to brag but I was chosen for the month of April. I was honored because I know how our residents feel towards me knowing that they are receiving the quality care they deserve and for just being a friend. So every employee be it may housekeeping, maintenance or kitchen staff have an opportunity to be a Shining Star.

The Gardens is the place to be. Whether it may be our residents or staff, we are one big family!

Melissa Vargas, Caregiver
The Gardens at Brook Ridge, Pharr, TX

Sunshine Retirement Living has a wonderful support team in our home office and I enjoy working with this very caring, professional team of co-workers.

Many years ago, I felt I needed to get into a profession where I could make a difference in the lives of others. I was tired of going to a job that at the end of the day you didn’t feel that sense of accomplishment of helping others. That was 22 years ago and I have never looked back. The Senior Industry is like none other. Although challenging at times (and what job isn’t), the reward is far greater than the challenge. The opportunity to bring “happy and safe” into some of the lives that are “just existing” is quite a blessing. Sunshine Retirement Living has a wonderful support team in our home office and I enjoy working with this very caring, professional team of co-workers as a Regional Director of Operations.

Karen Cochran, Regional Director of Operations
Sunshine Retirement Living

I have worked at other places, and I can tell you what’s different working at The Landing at Behrman Place.

At The Landing, we are united in some special way. We treat each other with respect and love and we have become a family. Many people say business is just business but this is not at all “just” business for me. It is a very important part of my life. I can honestly say the residents and staff here are the reason I clock in and out with a smile every day. Working with these great people for nearly 10 years, having fun with the residents, doing something worthwhile and in a progressive, innovative way. I feel that the work I do matters and is appreciated by others. What more could I ask for? Leadership is excellent… always transparent and willing to give you the details on decisions being made in the company or being discussed.

Sonja Franck, Concierge
The Landing at Behrman Place, New Orleans, LA

I enjoy my job because I love working for the retired community.

I enjoy helping them and visiting with them because sometimes I am the only one they have visit them when I come to clean, or serve their meals, etc.

It’s a lot of work we do, but I love my job. It makes me feel good when they are so caring towards me for doing what I do. I have stayed at Brook Ridge because I love my residents, my schedule, my co-workers, we are an excellent team, and I enjoy my hours because I have time for my family too.

It is a wonderful caring, family company. I look forward to staying for many more years.

Aieida Guerrero, Housekeeper
Brook Ridge Retirement Community, Pharr, TX

I Love My Job!

You probably didn’t think someone my age would get so much enjoyment from this type of job. It’s like I’m working with my grandparents. While they think I am there to help them, they are actually helping me. I get to hear all types of interesting stories and, as an added bonus, I am learning from them stuff that they couldn’t teach me in school. One of the most important lessons, is humility. Watching our guests interact each day, I am learning that you really need to take each day, one at a time. I hope they enjoy me as much as I enjoy them.

Kourtney Hooper, Concierge
The Verandah Independent & Assisted Living, Lake Charles, LA

If I had to say why I enjoy working here in one word, it would be love.

I enjoy the work I do here but it’s so much more than that. The love you feel from the residents and the joy I see in their faces when I help them with some problem is so wonderful. It may have been something small to me, but to them, it may be the difference between a bad day or a great day. The smiles and hugs I get will just melt away any problems I may be having at the time! I just hope that I bring as much joy into their lives as they bring to mine.

Ken Forrester, Maintenance
Country Club Village Retirement Community, Hot Springs, AR

September will make it 2 years as an employee at Deer Park, and I personally don’t see myself working anywhere else.

I’ve become very close to every resident, they all mean so much to me. I consider them family and make sure that I make them as happy as they make me. Deer Park is like a second home and it has taught me several things that will carry on with me into my future. Being a part of this community has been a wonderful opportunity.

Esmerelda Hernandez, Concierge
Deer Park Retirement Community, Novato, CA

I enjoy making a positive difference in the residents’ lives.

I really enjoy cutting up and making them laugh. It makes me feel good knowing that I continue to make a difference in their lives and making it an enjoyable place to live. I would not change any of it for the world. I love the relationships that I have made with each and every resident. It is a great feeling walking in the door everyday seeing a smile knowing I was coming in to keep them busy.

Shaley Gossett, Life Enrichment Director
The Verandah Independent & Assisted Living, Lake Charles, LA

I have stayed at Brook Ridge because I love my residents, my schedule, and the fact that the employees are true team-players.

I enjoy the atmosphere here at the community, even though we are busy it is very relaxing and not chaotic. I like the family feeling and respect among the employees. We have fun working together and we are a good team. I enjoy the challenge of meeting the needs of our residents. Thanks for the opportunity.

Gloria Meza, Head Housekeeper
Brook Ridge Retirement Community, Pharr, TX

I have been working at The Verandah since February 23 of 2015.

I have always dreamed of taking care of the elderly. They have the most fascinating history and wisdom. I enjoy interacting with them, they make me smile and I do everything in my power to make them happy and keep them relaxed and safe. I really love my job and the people I work for and work with. Thank You!

Vivian Hebert, Concierge
The Verandah Independent & Assisted Living, Lake Charles, LA

The residents are great, and I feel that they appreciate what I do for them.

I have been here going on 11 years. I came from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Working in the kitchen, I’m able to explore my talents that mean a lot to me. I really enjoy my job here.

Lee Lujan, Cook
Country Club Village Retirement Community, Hot Springs, AR

I have worked for Creekside Pines for over 10 years and have never considered what I do a job.

Our seniors inspire me with their drive for life making each day I spend interacting with them a blessing.

Ila Awtrey, Activities Director
Creekside Pines Retirement Community, Dallas, GA

I cannot imagine working for a different organization.

I can still remember thinking, after my interview with Sunshine Retirement Living, there’s something special about this company. Three years later, and now I know it’s the people; the people we work with, and the people we serve. It’s been gratifying to serve our seniors while working with peers that share the same vision. Such a refreshing company to work for considering how some companies operate. We have great leadership, and lots of room for advancement. I cannot imagine working for a different organization.

Sadek Nassar, Regional Director of Operations
Sunshine Retirement Living

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