The Best Restaurants in Antioch, California

The Best Place To Eat in Antioch

Can’t decide where to eat tonight in Antioch, California? Why not check out one of these places.

HD Burger and More
Candy. Bacon. Burger. Separately, all three of these things are amazing. But what if there was a magical place that had a menu item called “Candy Bacon Burger?” Look no further! Order one at HD Burger, and you won’t be disappointed.

HD Burger has a lot of different burgers, fries, and shakes. They also offer a vegetarian quinoa burger that is crumbly but tasty.

Blue Saigon
This hole in a wall tucked away in a strip mall offers Asian Fusion cuisine. We mentioned that the most popular item at the last restaurant was the Candy Bacon Burger, and at the Blue Saigon, the favorite thing is the Candy Fried Wings. What is it about candy that makes the people of Antioch go crazy?

Several reviewers also commented on the garlic noodles and either the sisig fries or the shaking beef french fries.

The family-operated restaurant is small, so you may have to wait for a table. We promise it will be worth it.

Banh Mi Express
When a restaurant is named Banh Mi, you would expect that most of the reviewers would be focused on that signature dish. Apparently, Banh Mi Express is also the place to go for poke bowls in Antioch.

Reviewers mentioned that the poke bowls were prepared in front of you with fresh ingredients. Almost every visitor also commented about how huge the portions were. Some even said the bowls were enough food for two or three meals.

Lutong Bahay 1
Looking for the best Filipino food in Antioch? Try out Lutong Bahay 1. This hole in the wall is known for its chicken lumpia, but they serve all sorts of Filipino favorites.

Sabrina’s Pizzaria
In every city across the country, people argue about the same thing. Where can you get the best pizza in (fill in the name of town)?

According to reviewers, Sabrina’s Pizzaria not only has the best pizza in Antioch, but they have the best pizza in the whole bay area.

This family-friendly pizza place also has another appeal. It won’t break the bank to eat there. In the bay area, that is a nice change of pace.

Da Nang Tourane Vietnamese
Where can you get the best garlic noodles in Antioch? While some reviewers swear by the Blue Saigon’s, others say that Da Nang Tourane has the best. It would be fun finding out, wouldn’t it?

While you are visiting Da Nang Tourance, you might also want to order the BBQ chicken banh mi. And why not order a side of spring rolls, too?

Go Vegan
Even though Go Vegan’s location is a little questionable, most reviewers are glad that they weren’t turned off it. Go Vegan is a unique place that offers some of the best Asian foods with vegetarian substitutions.

If mock meat isn’t your thing, then this place probably wouldn’t thrill you.

Hopefully, one of these Antioch restaurants will answer your question on what to eat for dinner.

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