The Best Restaurants in Methuen, Massachusetts

The Best Place to Eat in Methuen

If you are lucky enough to dine in Methuen, Massachusetts, you have a lot of great restaurants from which to choose. Check out this list of the best places to eat in this suburb of Boston.

Yalla Grill
You will be yalla-ing with delight after visiting the Yalla Grill. Tucked away in a strip mall in Methuen is this tiny Lebanese/Mediterranean restaurant. It has a small dining area, but it offers big flavors with their beef shawarma, babaghanoush, and kabobs.

If it is important to you to eat food that is authentic to a region, check out Yalla Grill.

Copper Door Salem
Even though this restaurant has high ratings, the actual reviews are somewhat mixed. Copper Door Salem has been described as having a great menu with a lot of diverse and unique choices, but some describe those offerings as mediocre.

It seems as if most diners to the Copper Door Salem have wonderful things to say about the desserts, but the service and dinner choices aren’t consistent.

Tavern on Merrimack
This comfortable restaurant is a favorite of locals. They offer a full-service bar and a lengthy menu.

Visitors to Tavern on Merrimack rave about the burgers, poutine (topped with pulled pork), bruschetta, and crab cakes. Others loved the huge pretzels and Irish cheddar whiskey fondue.

Most said that the service was good, but most reviewers agreed that the quality of the food was what would bring them back to the tavern.

Irish Cottage Restaurant and Pub
Unfortunately, the reviews of the Irish Cottage in Metheun are also somewhat mixed. Most reviewers were complimentary of the food. They bragged about the restaurant’s fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage, and Irish coffee. Many reviewers were not so complimentary about the service they received from the wait staff.

Border Brewery and Barbecue
Located in a strip mall, Border Brewery is able to achieve something that would be extremely difficult. This place excels as a brewery AND a barbecue joint. You would think that just getting one of those components right would be difficult.

First, let’s talk about BBQ. Reviewers love it, but we are impressed with how it is served. After all, how many times have you seen pulled pork served on a cornbread waffle? Why aren’t all restaurants serving BBQ this way? Other reviewers loved their smoked mac and cheese and ribs.

Second, beer is also highly rated. They offer flights so that you can try the Peanut Butter Stout, the Maple Porter, and the Jalapeno IPA. Beer is all they serve, so if you prefer drinking wine with your BBQ, you will be disappointed.

Finally, the restaurant is dog-friendly, and most reviewers were complimentary of the service.

Lots of Eats
Most of the time, you can tell what kind of food is being served by looking at the name of the restaurant. “Lots of Eats” doesn’t give you much of a clue. Apparently, Lots of Eats offers Thai cuisine, and they are actually quite good at what they do.

Hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect place to eat next time you are visiting Meuthen.

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