The Best Restaurants in Reno, Nevada

The Best Place To Eat in Reno

Looking for a place to eat in Reno? There are plenty of options available — inside and outside a casino. Here are some Reno restaurants to consider.

Smiling With Hope Pizza
Don’t you love it when you find a business with a great mission and a great product? Visit Smiling With Hope Pizza in Reno, and you will find such a place.

This busy pizza joint’s mission statement is “to create hope and meaning in the lives of people with disabilities.” How do the owners do this? They hire people with disabilities to work in their restaurant, and they are active in the community.

That, alone, may give you the nudge you need to visit the restaurant. But then we read the reviews of the pizza. Apparently, many reviewers say that Smiling With Hope has the best pizza in Reno. New Yorkers, who are known to be extremely opinionated about their pizza, have written reviews saying that this restaurant has the best New York pizza outside of the city.

Before you visit Smiling With Hope, check the website for hours. They are closed in the middle of the afternoon.

Carilillos Cocina
One doesn’t often hear about restaurants that specialize in Mexican breakfasts. Carlillos Cocino is such a place. Described by reviewers as a “hole in a wall,” this family-owned restaurant only offers counter seating. You may need to wait for seating before you dig into their specialties, such as huevos rancheros, chile Relleno, and steak and eggs.

Check their website. Even though you may want to eat the food at Carlillos Cocina all day, the restaurant is only open until early afternoon.

Kaffe Crepe
Kaffe Crepe enjoys fantastic reviews. One after another rave about the savory and sweet offerings, excellent service, and clean restaurant.

Order a turkey pesto or chicken and chorizo crepe for lunch, and a Peach Madness or Strawberry cheesecake crepe for dinner. All of those reviewers could not be wrong.

Finally, reviewers were also quick to point out that the owner makes many of the crepes herself. It is nice to see owners working closely to make sure the quality of their food is good.

Sparks and Smoke BBQ Takeout
BBQ fans need to run to Sparks and Smoke. Why run? You don’t want to get there after they have run out of ribs, which some reviewers have said are the best they have ever eaten.

Other reviewers brag about their brisket. Apparently, it is so good that Sparks and Smoke has incorporated it into their chili. The brisket chili comes with a side of cornbread, which is great, but not as good as the toasted Hawaiin rolls.

Although the word “takeout” is in the name, there is a small seating area at Sparks and Smoke. Just know that even if you choose to eat in the restaurant, you will probably be taking some of the food home with you anyway since the portions are so large.

Maybe we shouldn’t just associate Reno with gambling. It seems as if it has become a “foodie” town, as well.

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