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The Haven at North Hills Memory Care Facility – Pittsburgh, PA

Evidence-based techniques that go above and beyond…

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known as the “City of Bridges,” provides a beautiful and serene setting for The Haven at North Hills Senior Residence. Adding to the incredible city and river views, Pittsburgh is also a city with a range of shopping, recreational and cultural resources. The Haven embraces seniors in need of personal care or memory care.

Much like an assisted living community, The Haven offers access to medical care, health and wellness programming, emergency call systems, housekeeping, laundry services, social activities, a gourmet menu providing three meals a day, and 24-hour staff supervision for residents. However, The Haven at North Hills Senior Residence also offers some benefits that traditional assisted living communities may not offer, including specialized programming designed to enhance the lives of those with memory impairment, kitchen-free apartments to reduce stress and improve safety for residents, and safety checks from qualified staff.

Our Person-Centered Care model works in concert with our wellness program to address all aspects of health and wellness through physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual nurturing; this allows your loved one to live life to the fullest in a safe and secure environment. Our professional staff is on hand 24 hours a day to provide a warm and secure environment that encourages residents to feel more independent, safe, and engaged. The Haven offers personal care for persons starting to experience memory challenges, Memory Care for Alzheimer’s and other dementias with professional staff available day and night.

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"The Haven at North Hills proved to be the ideally suitable accommodations for my personal living needs. I would highly endorse their total caring and professional approach to senior life demands."

- Karl Pfeffer

"Many places say they care but I can see it exemplified each and every time I visit The Haven at North Hills."

- Kathy M, RN

"The very definition of a Haven is why we love The Haven at North Hills.
'A place of safety and refuge' is exactly how we felt with my mother in law living there. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a home for their loved one!"

- Jeannie Wattras

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Multiple floor plans, including private or shared suites are available to choose from. To support the independence of our residents, our staff provides personalized attention to meet your loved one’s needs--Person-Centered Care options from dressing assistance and personal hygiene, to medication and continence management and more. Our goal is to reduce dependence in an attentive, private and personalized setting. The Haven offers world-class services and amenities:

Worry-Free Living

We provide our residents with comfortable apartments, healthy and nutritious meals, utilities, a full activity calendar, beautiful common areas, and more.

Specialized Care Levels & Programming

Our Alzheimer’s, Memory Care, and Personal Care programs are designed to nurture the physical, social, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional needs of all our residents. Our programs include:

  • Music Therapy: era-specific and calming music to bring back fond memories and decrease anxiety is played throughout the community, while personal listening devices are preloaded with music tuned to your loved one’s preferences and needs.
  • Aromatherapy: Relaxing essential oil scents like lavender are used to create a peaceful and calming environment and smells reminiscent from childhood such as home-baked cookies and fresh baked bread.
  • Validation Techniques: Words are powerful, and our residents are encouraged to give and receive positive feedback, offer a helping hand or a warm hug.
  • Socialization: Residents and staff all enjoy time together each day to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Health & Wellness Activities: Join one of our many low-impact exercise classes, or flex your brain with a game of cards

Our Person-Centered Care approach focuses on our residents’ needs, while our Active Living Programs allow them to live life to their fullest capability. Our residents feel at home in The Haven because our approach is based on the residents’ lifetime routine, not ours. Additionally, we provide options for health monitoring, medication management, assistance with dressing, bathing, grooming, and oral care.

With over 20 years of experience caring for residents in Personal Care and Memory Care, our comprehensive staff will ensure that your loved one receives the Person-Centered Care that they need. Our team includes a highly-trained Executive Director and Health Services Director, licensed nursing staff, and certified Life Enrichment Director. Our passionate and dedicated team of skilled professionals offer exceptional support for our residents’ needs, including physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs, through engaging daily activities.

We have a certified Life Enrichment Director leading engaging daily activities, weekly on-site social events, and fun cultural excursions as part of a researched-backed health and wellness program.

  • Social Connections: Activities offered in both large and small group settings that encourage opportunities for socialization, relationship building and community amongst residents and team members.
  • Spiritual Support: Recognizing and embracing the needs of each residents’ spirituality through music, discussion, prayer, affirmations, nature and other diverse means of support.
  • Emotional Expression: Creating opportunities to engage in past passions like art therapy, cooking projects, volunteerism, vocational skills, reminiscing, doll therapy, music therapy and pet therapy visits.
  • Intellectual Discovery: Promoting brain cognition with educational activities that reflect the interests of our residents’ past professions, lifestyles and hobbies.

It’s easy to become spoiled with our 24/7 Dining Experience. We go beyond all-day dining to so you can enjoy gourmet food prepared from the freshest ingredients by our Executive Chef and a team of professionals any time of day or night. Since our quality of food and service must be experienced, we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner. Our chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary needs due to various health restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar diets, and much more.

Our daily menu also incorporates foods from the Rush University Medical Center MIND diet that fosters brain health. Our goal is that the MIND diet, in conjunction with our many Memory Care programs, will help hold off memory issues for as long as possible. Entrees are served on colored plates to stimulate appetite, and a server greets each resident individually with multiple daily menu choices. Learn more about our Memory Care dining program and the MIND diet.

Each apartment comes with residents wear location-based pendants, to provide that extra sense of security for families. Air conditioning is in all apartments, with convenient individual temperature controls.

Our secured walking path and well-tended patio encourage a daily stroll. Residents can feel safe while enjoying the outdoor environment with a patio that features comfortable seating and beautiful views.

Whether you’re going away on business, planning a vacation, or simply need a break from caregiving, respite care at The Haven is the perfect solution for providing your loved one with the Person-Centered Care that they need. Our safe, nurturing environment and professional staff will support the wellness needs of your loved one. Take advantage of the full amenities of our community; your loved one can rest while socializing with team members and other residents. Contact us today to learn about the various levels of care available to our respite and short-term stay residents.

The transition to senior living can be difficult when faced with the normal physical and financial obstacles caused by aging and downsizing one’s home. To alleviate the stress involved with such a life-altering change, The Haven offers a program that lessens the strain associated with moving. Caring and dedicated staff are available to assist in matters such as real estate, financial services, moving professionals, veteran assistance, and more.

Guess who’s coming to dinner? It should be your friends! Refer your friends to us and receive a bonus when they choose senior living at any Sunshine Retirement Living community.

Senior living at The Haven means a month-to-month lease. No buy-ins or long-term contracts with extra fees.

Personal Care Home and Secure Dementia Community, License # 449380

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Floor Plans

To view a downloadable PDF, click here.

Resident Activities at The Haven at North Hills

Weekly Physical Activities


– PM/NOC Moment
-‘Let’s Play Ball’


– Sit ‘n Be Fit
– ‘Would You Rather…?’
– PM/NOC Moment
– ‘Let’s Play Ball’


– Morning Workout
– ‘What Am I?
– PM/NOC Moment
– ‘Let’s Play Ball’


– Chair Exercise
– Patio Ponderings
– PM/NOC Moment
– ‘Let’s Play Ball’


– Stretch It Out
– Reminiscing
– PM/NOC Moment
– ‘Let’s Play Ball’


– ‘Cize It Up!’
– Patio Chit-Chats
– PM/NOC Moment
– ‘Let’s Play Ball’


– PM/NOC Moment
– ‘Let’s Play Ball’

Weekly Intellectual Activities


– 10:30 am ‘Artful Creations’ with Janet Huddleston
– ‘Alphabet Soup’
– Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune


– Match Game
– Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune


– Dice It Up!
– Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune


– Puzzle Me This
– Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune


– 12:00 pm Music Melodies with Wally Merriman
– Deal Me In!
– Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune


– Afternoon Matinee
– Gather ‘Round the Table


– Catholic Communion
– ‘Sunday Funnies’
– Cookies & Conversation

Call today & learn more about our various daily activities: (412) 599-1032

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A Haven for Those Experiencing Memory Challenges

One of the most troubling parts of aging is losing cognitive function, especially that associated with memory retention. Fortunately, there is senior care Pittsburgh that is ensuring people experiencing memory challenges due to age or conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and Lewy Body get the best in Pittsburgh retirement living. The Haven at North Hills, Pittsburgh’s leading senior 55 plus community, you and your family can rest assured that a highly-trained staff ensures the best memory care along with other types of personal care.

Challenges of Memory Care

There are several neurological disorders affecting people as they age. These disorders result in a loss of cognitive function. Perhaps the most traumatic of these neurological deficits is the loss of memories. For elderly folks struggling with the onset of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias, this is a very scary time. Many senior living Pittsburgh communities offer services helping seniors with personal care, but not memory care.

There are several reasons for this, but first among them is the science in memory care isn’t as easily applicable as that with personal care. Think of it this way – it’s fairly easy to care for a person’s anatomical needs (food, water, exercise) but even the most educated neurologists have vague theories on what causes conditions such as Alzheimer’s. This is where The Haven is different.

By offering a wide variety of intellectual activities, The Haven at North Hills understands the way to avoid intellectual regression is to constantly challenge and stimulate the mind. Similar to developing muscle and fitness in younger folks, the more something is used, the more reliable it becomes. Neurological science tells us when the brain is not stimulated, the connections used to process information, for lack of a better term, ossify. This process is part of the theory behind memory loss.

Ask yourself this – why is one person still “sharp” after all these years while another person isn’t as quick as they once were?

Focusing on the Brain

When looking into senior homes in Pittsburgh, the natural inclination is choosing places where folks can retire and have their basic needs tended to. But what about their intellectual needs? The Haven at North Hills created an intellectual stimulation program caring for the brain while the body is cared for. Please note, however, while this program may help with preserving memories and mental acuity, it is impossible to ward off the effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia. These disorders get progressively worse over time. The goal is making the loss of memory less acute.

With that goal in mind at this particular all inclusive senior living Pittsburgh facility, the intellectual activities include arts and crafts along with challenging games like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. It may seem using game shows is a lazy way to accomplish mental acuity, but the opposite is true. Having the brain focused on games of recall keeps those “brain muscles” in shape. There are other programs at Alzheimer’s care Pittsburgh involving music too. Music is shown to help retain memories because as human beings, we are wired to think musically even if our singing ability isn’t the most desired at karaoke events.

Other activities include different types of games involving letters and numbers. These games are designed to keep memory sharp. The goal is making sure short term memory functions as well as long term memory. Sometimes, the focus on preserving long term memories comes at a cost of keeping the short term memory fluid. Fortunately, this Pittsburgh retirement community understands the needs of both memory types. The letter and number games ensure short term memory remains in shape with the long term memory.

Caring for Memory Decline

As stated earlier, no matter how intensive the treatment of these neurological disorders is, eventually the mind succumbs to Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Having a caring, compassionate staff in Pittsburgh retirement apartments is important. There are several stages to this decline and it is important to have professionals who are patient and loving during these challenging times.

The Haven understands loss of mental acuity in many ways damages pride more profoundly than loss of physical dexterity. The staff at these senior homes in Pittsburgh views elder care as a calling and believes strongly that how to care for our elders reflects who we are as a society. To that end, The Haven at North Hills is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and caring environment for all elders in dementia care Pittsburgh.

There are many reasons why one should choose a particular retirement community. Choosing The Haven means there is a premium put on the intellectual care of an individual. The Haven at North Hills is where you go when you wish to make the most out of your time and keep your mind sharp.

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