The Space Station Museum Novato California

Visiting or living in Novato California has its perks, and among them is one of the best museums of all time, the Space Station Museum. Tourists will love what the museum has to offer and locals boast it as the leading attraction in their city. The museum is a staple in the city and when visiting, you can’t leave without a tour.

The museum is a great reminder of all the wonderful advantages of space exploration. There is a category of information presented throughout the museum that reflects on the history and growth of advancements in space technology. The paraphernalia displayed throughout the museum is a terrific contribution to the message the museum wants to send about space. Private funding supports the Space Station, while volunteers give their time to make it what it is today.


There is an abundance of educational and historical material throughout the museum. It is a great place for children and teens to learn about the history of space exploration, as well as to give adults a solid perspective on the global contribution to upcoming space travel. The studies and advancement in space studies are vital in the development of knowledge of the development of civilization. The primary focal point is on history and the discoveries of science and technology, which allowed the United States to become the leading contributor in space travel.

On Display

The museum features “The Large Artifacts” and “SF Apollo” Exhibits. There are special events held throughout the year for all to enjoy. Some of the events include:

  • Novato Space Festival
  • Telescope Nights
  • Astronaut Skype Interview

The museum began as a pilot program that emerged a temporary space education exhibit in 2011. The event was for two days and attracted more than 600 spectators. This was proof that the area not only appreciated a museum of this kind, but would benefit greatly from it.

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