Things to do in Aurora, Colorado

Top Things to do in Aurora

While most people associate outdoor activities with Colorado, there are plenty of indoor attractions as well. Here are a few places you may consider visiting while traveling to Aurora.

Stanley Marketplace
New York has Chelsea Market. Boston has Faneuil Hall. Aurora’s version of an older structure that has been repurposed as an indoor market is the Stanley Marketplace.

Initially, the structure holding the marketplace was an airplane manufacturing facility. Currently, it houses restaurants, locally-owned shops, and a co-working place for people without a home office. It’s open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is a great place to wander when the Colorado weather does not allow you to enjoy outdoor activities.

Aurora History Museum
We know what you are thinking. The idea of learning about the history of a small city doesn’t sound particularly exciting. While in most cases this is true, Aurora is different. It has a fascinating past full of colorful characters. Learn about one of the first “planned” cities in the country when you visit this free museum.

Make sure you take the time to look at the trolley trailer that dates back to 1913. You can go inside the trolley car and imagine what Aurora was like in the early part of the last century.

In a city of about 375,000, how many microbreweries would you expect to see? Google says that there are no less than 12 microbreweries that have an Aurora address. This doesn’t count the myriad breweries that surround the city proper.

According to Google, Dry Doc Brewing Brewing Company seems particularly popular. But how does their IPA compare with Cheluna Brewing Company? I guess you will have to try them all to find out they compare.

The Colorado Freedom Memorial
Although this place is technically outdoors, it is still worth a stop on your visit to Aurora. This outdoor monument is across from Buckley Air Force Base, and it lists the names of the fallen soldiers from Colorado who served in World War II. It’s beautifully lit at night and is a beautiful spot to commemorate members of the Greatest Generation.

The Southlands
You can’t experience suburbia without going to a mall. The Southlands isn’t just any mall. It claims to be the largest “non-contained” shopping mall in the entire U.S.A. This is the place to go during the winter to have your kids sit on Santa’s lap, and it is the place to go in the summer to watch fountains and listen to street performers. This is also the place to go when you need a little retail therapy, and American Eagle or Victoria’s Secret is calling your name.

The Plains Conservation Center
Even though the Rocky Mountains are a stone’s throw from Aurora, it is the home for The Plains Conservation Center. This center celebrates the rolling plains of central-western Colorado. There you will see replicas of sod houses of the western expansionists and the wigwams of the Cheyenne. Experience the understated beauty of the grassland as you look for prairie dogs and pronghorns.

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