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Summerfield Estates Retirement Living in Tigard, OR

All-Inclusive Independent Retirement Community in Portland!

Have the time of your life at Summerfield Estates! Our senior residents receive a complimentary membership to the Summerfield Estates Clubhouse, featuring golf, tennis, swimming and a variety of social and fitness activities. Located in picturesque Portland, you’re only just minutes away from terrific shopping, restaurants, and local hospitals. Choose from 5 different floor plans starting at just $2,095.

Choose Your Own Rent! All-Inclusive Senior Living Options Pricing Ranging from $2,095 to $3,195

We are very happy with [Summerfield Estates]. The staff is very caring and helpful to her... The community is very homey and clean. We would recommend this community for other families for the overall great care and value.

— Senioradvisor.com review

Living here has been a good year My wife and I have meet a very good staff and many new friends,we love living here.

— Don Lake

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It’s easy to have the time of your life at Summerfield Estates:

To alleviate the stress involved with such a life-altering change, Sunshine Retirement Living Communities have partnered with trusted national moving company, northAmerican, to institute a senior-specific program that lessens the strain associated with moving. To learn more about this moving program, click here.

Your days are worry-free at Summerfield Estates, with free common area WiFi, front desk concierge service, weekly housekeeping, and on-call apartment maintenance. Your monthly rent includes all utilities (except your personal telephone).

It’s easy to become spoiled with our 24/7 Dining Experience. We go beyond all-day dining so you can enjoy gourmet food prepared from the freshest ingredients by our Executive Chef and team of professionals any time of day or night. Since our quality of food and service must be experienced, we invite you to join us for lunch or dinner. Our chef is trained and happy to accommodate residents with dietary needs due to various health restrictions, such as low gluten and sugar-free diets, and much more.

Enjoy the beautiful views over our meticulously cared for golf course, or take a stroll on our manicured walking paths.

Take a dip at the Clubhouse pool.

We’re happy to transport you to doctor’s offices, on shopping trips, or to scheduled events in Portland. Now, thanks to our innovative partnership with Lyft, we are able to offer on-call transportation and scheduled pickups for our residents at any time of day.

It’s easy to stay busy at Summerfield Estates! Our Clubhouse is always hopping with social activities and exercise classes, plus we have frequent day trips for residents, regular happy hours, plenty of games, and more.

Residents are always welcome to stop into our hair salon, library, gym, and computer center.

Travel Program
Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Then we have a list of destinations for you! Visit any of the Sunshine Communities around the country, and your meals and guest accommodations are on us. Take part in community activities, and visit local tourist attractions.
Discover worry-free travel right here

Cats and dogs are always welcome at Summerfield Estates.

We maintain a smoke-free environment for your good health.

Best friends make the best neighbors! Refer your best friend to Sunshine, and we’ll thank you with a generous bonus when we welcome them as your new neighbor.
Learn more here!

We offer safe living with a caring and dedicated staff available to you 24/7, for complete peace of mind.

Your future looks bright! We’ve eliminated all long-term contracts, so you can just relax with a month-to-month lease at Sunshine.

Located near beautiful Portland city, one of the best places to live in US News & World Report’s 2017 List of Best Places to Live.

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Floor Plans

To view a downloadable PDF, click here.

Resident Activities at Summerfield Estates

Weekly Physical Activities


– 9:30am | Stretchercise
– 1:30pm | Better Balance Group
– 3:00pm | Bean Bag Baseball
– 5:45pm | Pinochle Tourney


– 9:30am | Balloon Volleyball
– 10:00am | Catholic Service
– 1:30pm | Seated Strength (Building)


– 9:30am | Stretchercise
– Resident Outings (Departure Times & Destinations Vary)


– 11:00am | Carpet “Bocce Bowling”
– 1:30pm | Seated Strength (Building)


– 9:30am | Stretchercise


– 9:30am | Stretchercise
– 2:30pm | Weekend Walking Group or Pet-Pals Walkers

Weekly Mental Activities


– 10:00am | Puzzle Packs & Board Games
– 1:30pm | Nanci’s Art Champions
– 3:00pm | Dessert Social
– 6:00pm | Sunday Night Feature (Themes Vary)


– 10:30am | Sunshine AM News


– 3:00pm | Bingo
– 5:45pm | Dominoes


– 10:00am | Rummikub
– 1:00pm | Bridge Club
– 3:00pm | Trivia
– 5:45pm | Scrabble


– 10:00am | Non-Denominational Worship Service
– 3:00pm | Bingo
– 5:45pm | Pinochle Tourney
– 6:00pm | Throwback Thursday Classic Movie


– 10:00am | Game Group
– 10:30am | Aromatherapy & Meditation
– 1:30pm | Better Balance Group
– 6:00pm | Friday Night Premier Movies


– 10:30am | Muffins & Coffee Talk
– 5:45pm | May I Game
– 6:00pm | Saturday Evening Feature (Themes Vary)

View our full monthly calendar here or call today &

learn more about our various daily activities: (503) 214-2059

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Summerfield Estates – Tigard Oregon 55+ Apartments

Why Summerfield Estates is the Place for Peace of Mind

For many people, leaving the home they knew for so many years is a very tough thing to do, but when you arrive at a new place, it is important to be sure you have selected the right place. For many retirees, finding the right senior apartments to rent Tigard isn’t easy. If you are looking for Tigard retirement homes there are plenty of options. However, none of those options offer the high level of tranquility found at Summerfield Estates.

When you hear the name “Summerfield Estates” immediately you picture a beautiful landscape with amazing trees in the vista. The Pacific Northwest has no shortage of beautiful views, and when creating Summerfield Estates, the architects knew to take advantage of the beauty provided by nature. This Tigard senior community is built around nature’s beauty. There is incredible peace that comes with staring at an amazing mountain or one of the massive evergreens dotting the landscape. You can’t live in a place called Summerfield Estates and not see nature.

The design of the senior living apartments in Tigard frames nature perfectly. Each unit has fantastic large windows bringing the beautiful surroundings into the area. What seems more peaceful than a morning cup of coffee where you can look out to such a tranquil setting?

The good news is tranquility is not just limited to the nature surrounding this Tigard, OR retirement community. There are several other amenities that allow residents of Summerfield Estates to truly feel taken care of.

When residents are looking to be taken care of, they don’t want to worry about the small stuff. One of the reasons people choose to move into retirement communities is because the daily minutiae of living in a conventional home is often too difficult to handle as you get older. This includes everything from maintaining a home all the way to paying the different bills. That’s a lot to handle, and the good news is Summerfield Estates ensures that these issues are not issues residents have to deal with.

How does Tigard senior living alleviate the stress of day to day living? The simple answer is thanks to the all-inclusive nature of the fees. When you pay to live at Summerfield Estates, the Tigard OR retirement community foots the bill for utilities including electricity and water. The only utility not included is personal telephone. Now, what if you have an issue because a there’s a plumbing or electrical problem? Simple – maintenance is on call and will fix your problem immediately. The best part? This service has no additional cost!

Starting to feel a little less burdened? There’s more! With free WiFi in common areas along with a concierge service, residents at Summerfield Estates Retirement Community don’t have to sweat the small things. The staff makes sure all requests are handled quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy yourself.

Perhaps, though, one of the most important benefits providing peace and tranquility to the residents of Summerfield Estates is the pets-allowed policy. Many people refuse to enter into Tigard retirement care because they believe they will be obligated to surrender their pet. This is not a way to live! Pets provide immeasurable benefit to retirees just the way they do to small children. In fact, studies have shown that companion animals enhance quality of life and correlate with people who are living a healthy life.

The last consideration for peace is spiritual. Summerfield Estates understand that people’s spiritual lives are very important and therefore makes all the arrangements necessary to ensure access to religious services. Whether you are Catholic and seeking communion or another type of Christian seeking certain services, you can rest assured your spiritual peace is just as important a consideration as your reprieve from the day to day stressors.

Choosing to give up a life that you have lived for decades isn’t easy and there’s lot of anxiety that goes into making the decision. That’s the hard part about choosing to move into Summerfield Estates. Once you take the plunge and make your life a Summerfield Estates life, you don’t have to worry anymore about whether a bill has been paid or what to do if something around the house needs repair. All there is for you to do as a resident of Summerfield Estates is to enjoy your life on your terms. In many ways, this experience will be unlike any other, because instead of having to take on challenges, you can let someone else do it for a change.

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Summerfield Estates Retirement Community

(503) 214-2059

Zero Covid Cases!

  • New residents admitted after Vikor Scientific Respira-ID testing
  • Residents enjoy physical distancing activities & protective measures
  • Spaced seating & staff trained for hygienic dining service
  • Visitors are welcome! Mandatory screening & restrictions apply

*This community does not currently have any confirmed Covid-19 cases among residents or employees. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no asymptomatic residents or employees in the community.