Top Attractions in Austin, TX

Are you looking for a great place to visit or long overdue for a vacation? Austin, TX is a great place to visit or vacation and there is plenty to see and do while in the city. Nature lovers find it hard to leave the beautiful city because there are many attractions that offer an up-close and personal exploration with nature. If you prefer something a little more upbeat and invigorating, there are options for you also. Adults and children are smitten with the beauty of the city and amazed by the attractions there are to explore.

Here are a few attractions to visit when in Austin:

  • McKinney Falls State Park – Great place to camp, hike, and enjoy the Texas Hill Country. The grounds are very well taken care of and the staff is always helpful and friendly. There are lots of terrific trails, good signage, more significant facilities than most would expect (dining hall, visitor center, guard house, etc.) and amazing water features.


  • Austin Zoo – Located on the southwest edge of Austin, Texas, Austin Zoo draws visitors from around the world to learn about our rescued animals and spend quality time with the animals. This zoo makes a great contribution to society, as it is a non-profit rescue zoo.


  • Austin Aquarium – no city is complete without a dynamic and innovative aquarium, and Austin has one of the best around. Small, family-friendly aquarium with many varieties of sea life, plus touch tanks & frequent events. This is a great place for families to visit with the kids and groups.


  • Barton Creek Greenbelt – This location is one of the many entrances into this 7.5 mile- long greenbelt park. Several well-maintained sport climbing walls on limestone. Shaded hiking and cycling is also a great part of the Greenbelt.