Top Attractions in Charleston, South Carolina

Top Attractions in Charleston

Do you have some free time to spend in Charleston? Consider yourself lucky. Charleston is a beautiful city for wandering. Just make sure that your wandering takes you by some of these top two sites.

The Battery
There’s a reason why this beautiful area of Charleston has a military-sounding name. The battery refers to the district along Charleston Harbor, and it was the site of a wall where cannons and other such weapons were placed to defend the city.

One only has to look out into the Charleston Harbor to see how important the city’s military history is to Charlestonians. From the Battery, one can see Fort Sumter, the locations of where the first shots were fired in the Civil War.

Looking further back in Charleston’s history, The Battery is also the place where pirates were hanged during the 1700s. The bodies were left dangling from the trees and gallows to ward off other pirates who might dare visit the city.

Although you can still see a few military relics within the area, the main draw of the Battery for most tourists is the beautiful antebellum homes that face the Charleston Harbor, as well as the promenade park that divides the two.

Make sure your tour of the area includes a visit to Waterfront Park. There you will see a beautiful pineapple fountain. The fountain is not only a perfect backdrop for your vacation photos, but it is also a nice place to take your shoes off to cool your feet.

There are many ways to see the Battery. Visitors can take walking tours, bus tours, horse-drawn carriage tours, and private carriage tours. You can even see the beautiful homes as you cruise by on boat in the Charleston Harbor.

Magnolia Plantation and Garden
Many people enjoy visiting plantations on trips to the south. While the houses are beautiful, and the settings are serene, one must not forget the African slaves who built the homes and worked in the surrounding countryside.

The Magnolia Plantation receives its notoriety for its age and magnificent gardens. The plantation dates back to 1676 when the land was utilized as a rice farm. Amazingly, it is still owned by members of the Drayton family. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

While the original home was burned in the aftermath of the Civil War, part of the renovated and rebuilt home came from a pre-Revolutionary War structure that was moved to the site.

Visitors have many tour options, depending upon their interests. One can see the home in a 30-minute guided tour. The nature tram shows visitors the surrounding landscape, including marshes, rivers, and woodlands. Those wishing to see an alligator may try their luck on the boat tour, which is a 45-minute look at the rice fields surrounding the home. Others can choose to tour the cabins inhabited by the slaves. Finally, the Audobon swamp garden is not only a place to see beautiful flora and fauna, but you can also look for birdlife, including bald eagles, herons, and egrets.

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