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What Advantages does a Memory Care Facility like Park View Estates offer Versus in-home Care?

Both memory care and in-home care can be highly effective solutions for the safety risks that accompany cognitive decline. Those who choose a memory care facility realize the following benefits compared to those who choose in-home care:

  • Memory care facilities must meet stringent guidelines in all aspects of care including nutrition, safety, management of medical conditions, cleanliness, staffing levels, and are surveyed frequently
  • Memory care communities are designed with resident safety in mind, which means slip-resistant flooring, handrails, larger bathrooms and bedrooms, and the removal of safety risks (like stoves).
  • Memory care communities are secure so your loved one is protected from the risks associated with wandering.
  • While Meals On Wheels can provide one meal per day for in-home residents who qualify, memory care residents receive three well-rounded meals and snacks every day.

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