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    What is Posterior Cortical Atrophy? Is this a type of dementia the memory care team at Colonial Gardens can manage?

    Dementia is a broad term that describes a group of illnesses that all cause cognitive decline such forgetfulness, problems with communication, difficulty following directions, etc.

    Posterior Cortical Atrophy is a gradual and progressive degeneration of the cortex, or outer layer, of the brain. It is often considered a variant form of Alzheimer’s disease because of the presence of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles that occur in AD are present in the cortex.

    Early symptoms may include slowly developing challenges with visual tasks such as distinguishing between moving and still objects, inability focus on more than one object at a time, difficulty using common tools, problems judging distances, etc.

    While Posterior Cortical Atrophy is not reversible, a healthier lifestyle with a balanced diet, increased exercise, regimented medication management can help to manage the symptoms. The caring team at Colonial Gardens in West Columbia, South Carolina is trained in techniques to assist your loved one in navigating the challenges of this dementia.

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