What to Do in London, Ontario

Things That You Can Do  London, Ontario

Don’t think that just because you are visiting London, Ontario, as opposed to London, England that there will be little to do. Every area is worth exploring. London, Ontario has parks, markets, and a children’s recreation destination shaped liked a castle. What more fun is there than that?

Here are some of the top attractions in London, Ontario, as listed on some of your favorite review websites.

Springbank Park

Are you looking for a place to walk, jog, or ride your bike? Maybe you aren’t feeling particularly energetic, but you want to go to a site with lovely views, picnic benches, and a wading pool for the kids. If you are in London, Springbank Park is such a gathering place.

Springbank Park is a 300-acre site that has almost 20 miles of trails. Families gather there to kick around a ball, watch birds, and ride bikes. Also, Springbank Park gives you a spectacular view of the Thames River. (Of course, London, Ontario’s river would be called the Thames, too!)

Springbank Park provides the perfect place for social distancing — whether you need to do so for mental reasons or because of a pandemic.

Victoria Park

While Springbank Park is the perfect place to stretch your legs, Victoria Park is a great place to attend a festival or special event.

Victoria Park is located near downtown London. Initially, the 18-acre site was the home of the British garrison. After British soldiers vacated the area, the barracks were used as quarters for escaped slaves around the time of the American Civil War. While British troops returned to the area for a short time after that, the acreage was finally transferred to the city of London in 1874, and Victoria Park was born.

Victoria Park is the location of most of London’s outdoor festivals, including Sunfest, The International Food Festival, and the Home Country Folk Festival. Victoria Park is also known for its yearly Christmas light display, ice skating rink, and what locals call “squirrel fishing.” We aren’t even going to try to explain that last activity.

Covent Market

London’s Covent Market is an indoor and outdoor market. Londoners (and visitors) can purchase fresh produce and flowers, specialty foods, and dine at one of the local restaurants. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Covent Market is also a fun place to hang out with friends. Pick up a cup of Hasbeans Coffee while you watch local street performers.

Storybook Garden

Are you looking for a place to take young kids in London, Ontario? Storybook Garden is your best bet. In fact, it is somewhat of an institution in London. It opened in 1958 and has been entertaining kids for generations.

Storybook Garden is located in the previously-mentioned Springbank Park. It has outdoor play areas, a water-play area, and six amusement rides. It has been named the Best Tourist Attraction in London.

St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

You will surely notice St. Peter’s Cathedral when you visit downtown London. This beautiful structure is not only a lovely place to attend mass but a great place to visit when strolling through downtown London.

You may not see the Crown Jewels when you visit this particular London, but you will not be bored. Enjoy your time in this quaint Quebec city.

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