5 Common Questions Families Have About Independent Living in Eugene, OR

5 Common Questions Families Have About Independent Living in Eugene, OR

5 Common Questions

When searching for the right senior living community, you’ll struggle to find a location that is more suited to active senior living than Eugene, OR. Located right on the Willamette River with a myriad of indoor and outdoor attractions, independent living communities in Eugene are an ideal place to call home. However, if you are just starting your search, it’s common to have more questions than answers. Here, we answer the five most common questions families ask about independent living services to make your search just a little easier.

Will my loved one really be able to maintain independence?

Independent living means exactly that: your loved one can continue doing things for themselves like cooking, cleaning, or managing appointments and medications. Most importantly, while they’ll have access to a myriad of activities, events, and amenities, they’ll choose which amenities to take advantage of and which to bypass.

Most people find that independent living communities simply offer resort-style retirement with access to beautiful outdoor space and walking paths, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, gourmet dining options, much more predictable expenses, and a plethora of opportunities for friendship and adventure.

Is Independent Living Affordable?

The more potential residents learn about the resort-like amenities available in some of Eugene’s independent living communities, the more curious they become about its fit within their budget.

No matter how simple or luxurious of a retirement community you seek, meet with a financial planner or a community director to discuss feasibility. Most find that independent living (even resort-style independent living) is well within their reach – and many find that the fixed, predictable monthly expenses are easier to manage and afford than their previous living arrangements because so many utilities, services, and amenities are included in one low monthly fee.

Make sure to request a full list of all costs and expenses so you can get a complete understanding of the costs of independent living. This ensures you can do an “apples to apples” comparison of Independent Living versus at-home living as well as comparing each senior living community to one another.

Which amenities will residents have access to?

Independent living residents typically have access to a variety of amenities and programs which may include:

  • Help with moving
  • All-day dining options
  • Door-to-door transportation for appointments and shopping
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Concierge services
  • Housekeeping
  • Maintenance and Landscaping Services
  • Robust activity and event schedule
  • Full wellness program
  • Access to fitness facilities
  • and more

Your loved one should be able to pick and choose which amenities fit their needs and enrich their life.

What happens if their needs change over time?

Should a resident ever need a higher level of care than independent living can provide, a care planning professional should discuss living options with the resident and their family to determine appropriate placement for the best care possible.

Some independent living communities may offer varying levels of care on site while others can offer a 3rd party care provider to help supplement the resident’s increase care needs until independent living is no longer a suitable option for them.

How do we stay involved in our loved one’s life?

Retirement living can be an upgrade from living at home, and yet, not so different from home. You’ll be able to maintain a close relationship with your loved after they move in, taking advantage of family dining rooms, meeting spaces, and common areas to share time together. Independent living means your loved one is free to have family over or spend time with family off-site whenever it’s convenient for them.

Additionally, staff members will often share as much information with you as your loved one desires.

About Garden Way Retirement Community

While there are a variety of independent living options in Eugene, few offer the luxury of Garden Way, a 118-unit resort-style senior living community. We are committed to providing a warm, comfortable atmosphere for our Eugene-area residents who have access to beautiful gardens, private event rooms, grandkids playroom, movie theater, and a multitude of activities and events to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

With 24/7 dining, as well as an optional Gourmet Food Program, door-to-door transportation, and indoor-outdoor living that is ideal for the active senior, Garden Way is the perfect choice for senior independent living in Eugene.

We encourage you to schedule a tour and enjoy lunch for free, with the engaging team at Garden Way Retirement Community or give us a call at 541-359-3208 today.

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living, January, 2019.

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