9 Benefits of Spring Cleaning At Our Retirement Community In Austin

Fresh Air and A Fresh Start

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Spring is in full swing, and it’s time to tuck your chunky sweaters away and clear out space for spring and summer clothing. Many people find spring the perfect time to clean out the items collected during the winter. If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, it’s not too late to give yourself a fresh start to the season. If you’re looking to tidy up your environment while also benefiting your overall health, it’s time to spring clean your space. The experts at The Clairmont, an Austin independent living community, have the perfect tips to help you:

Trust The Professionals

Starting is often the most challenging part of spring cleaning. So, we recommend following professional organizing consultant Marie Kondo’s method. She’s the one who said, “the best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.” A great way to start is by using Kondo’s infamous method for paring down your possessions, which involves asking yourself whether the item(s) in question bring you joy. If the answer is no, you donate, recycle, or toss the item. It’s as simple as that!

9 Benefits of Spring Cleaning

If Marie Kondo’s process doesn’t inspire you, these health benefits will give you the motivation to clean out your junk drawer.

  • 1. Improve Your Mood
    • a. Studies have proven that a clean home clears the mind by decluttering our mental and physical spaces. This decluttering increases our self-esteem by knocking off items on our to-do list. All of these activities boost your endorphins and improve your energy levels.
  • 2. Boost Your Immunity
    • a. Clutter often collects dust, pollen, or dander, so deep cleaning and removing items creates less space for those pesky, dirty pollutants to stick around. We all want to have a breath of fresh air!
  • 3. Stay Active
    • a. Cleaning your room may not be considered the equivalent of your next Zumba class, but it’s sure to keep your body moving. Staying active is one of the essential parts of staying healthy, so clean knowing you’re doing your body a favor.
  • 4. Reduce Risky Falls
    • a. Each year, millions of older adults fall. To avoid being a part of this statistic, rid your areas of potential fall risks by eliminating excess clutter. For instance, try creating a designated shoe area, so your shoes aren’t in various unpredictable places around your home.
  • 5. Appreciate for Items
    • a. When you have clarity on what brings you joy in your space, you have more appreciation for those items. Your favorite momentos may be hidden by things you don’t need, preventing you from truly enjoying your favorites.
  • 6. Save More Money
    • a. Have you ever purchased an item to come home and realize you already had it? Decluttering can help you evaluate what you already have at home and what you need.
  • 7. Increase Productivity
    • a. When your area is cluttered, your mind can be, too. Cleaning up your space allows for improved concentration and motivation.
  • 8. Get Better Sleep
    • a. Are you looking for a restful night? The National Sleep Foundation found that 75% of participants in their studies slept better on clean sheets with a fresh scent. So treat yourself to many zzz’s with a clean bedroom and beauty rest.
  • 9. Decrease Stress
    • a. Studies have found that if your space is cluttered, it may lead to stress and anxiety. Create a space that gives you mindfulness with less clutter and organization.

As you can see, there are many benefits to spring cleaning, and there’s no better time to start than now! Welcome the new sunny season with a clean home and clear mind at our Austin senior living community!

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