A New Life Together: A Love Story

A New Life Together: A Love Story

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Courtesy of Emily DeRenzis, Gelato Mama

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love… twice.” The loss of a spouse or loved one is a difficult road to recover from, but our human instinct for love and affection remains intact. And why shouldn’t it? Multiple studies show that the health benefits of love and affection include lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and an overall stronger immune system. Not that that’s what Jimmy Nutt and Susie Yani were thinking when they were introduced by Resident Ambassador Doris Evans at The Continental. A few shared meals together was all it took for them to realize they had a blossoming relationship on their hands. As Jimmy declared that he and Susie were growing closer and closer by the day, both of their families were overjoyed with the relationship and have since shared many outings together. Jimmy is currently taking Susie to Colorado, where he retired from the Adolph Coors Company, to meet family and friends and not to be outdone, Susie’s daughter, Julie, is taking the couple to Susie’s home in Indonesia to do the same later this fall. In addition to working for Adolph Coors, Jimmy is retired Navy and served on the USS Iowa during the Korean War, while also enjoying himself as a musician for the Admirals Band in Memphis, Tennessee. Susie and her brother developed their father’s property and built and international office park that they rented to big foreign oil companies and she also spent 10 years building her own home out of teakwood and marble. All of us here at Sunshine are thrilled for Susie and Jimmy and their new life together. Love wins. Again.

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