Age-appropriate Resolutions from Our Independent Living Communities

It’s never too late to improve your life!


The new year brings new opportunities to grow! With the crisp winter weather signaling new beginnings, it’s only natural that you want to create some new goals for yourself. Within our multiple Independent Living Retirement Communities across the country, we take great care to ensure our residents are always learning, growing, and discovering new strengths in themselves. If you’re wanting to become your best self this year, setting some resolutions can be a great way to track your progress. We’ve put together a list of some fulfilling resolutions to give you some inspiration!

Learn Something New

A great resolution for any year is to learn something new. However, we know it might feel a little intimidating or overwhelming to embark on something you’ve never tried. The only way to get good at something, though, is to be willing to start! The options are endless, but a good first step is to journal out a list of things you’ve always wanted to do. Some common hobbies that our residents find enjoyable include: baking, painting, crochet, playing a musical instrument, writing, taking walks, or playing games. Whatever it is, finding a creative outlet can be extremely beneficial for your mood and can keep your mind nice and sharp. If you try something new, give it a consistent effort over at least several weeks before throwing in the towel. Practice makes progress!

Eat Healthier

Many people have goals to eat healthier in the new year, only to try for a few weeks and give up by February. Making changes to your eating habits takes some effort, but it’s so worth it! Prioritizing a diet rich in nutrients helps you feel your best and gives you extra energy. Take a look online or in any of your favorite cookbooks that include lots of green vegetables, easy to digest fibers, and lean proteins. Taking charge of your health by honing in on your eating habits can truly make you feel like a new person and give you a new zest for life!

Move Your Body

We all know the importance of exercise, but as we age, staying active and mobile becomes even more crucial. Establishing a routine of moving your body is a wonderful resolution to set. To get started, find a way of exercising that you truly enjoy, and make it a part of your regular schedule so it can become a habit. Some great types of exercise you might try are walking, yoga, aerobics, or weight lifting. As you continue to focus on staying active, you’ll be better equipped to fight off sickness, have stronger joints, and be more protected from risk of injury.

Tell Your Life Story

Our final tip for a fulfilling and meaningful resolution this year is to tell your life story! Whether you have the blessing of frequently communicating with friends and family or not, you have lived a full life up to this point and have a wealth of wisdom to share with your posterity. While you may not see your experiences as monumental, these passages or photographs will be treasured memories for your loved ones. There are many ways to tell your life story, from scrapbooks to storytelling through audio or video, to starting a journal and recounting your fondest memories and life lessons. Creating this story will also be therapeutic and enjoyable for you, as you prepare this gift for your family.

At each of our Independent Living Retirement Communities, we desire for our residents to live full, multi-faceted lives. Setting and taking steps toward achieving yearly resolutions is a great way to do that. We hope these ideas for some resolutions give you a good starting point, and get you thinking about how you can improve your life this year!

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