Autumn Activities to Share With Your Grandchildren

Autumn Activities to Share With Your Grandchildren


Autumn means getting back into the swing of a regular routine. With children back in school and the hazier days of summer a memory, this is the time to appreciate the crisper breezes, steaming hot cups of coffee and a more colorful scene when looking up at the trees. It’s also an excellent time to plan some activities to share with grandchildren. Devoting a few days to welcome a new season can soothe everyone as they adjust to a new change of pace. These suggestions use the foods of fall as a basis for both cooking and fun activities.

Enjoy Fall Breakfasts

In addition to the normal pumpkin pie this year, try a stack of pumpkin pancakes in the morning. These take traditional fall spices, like ginger, cinnamon and allspice and add in an orange fall favorite, pumpkin puree, for more zest. There’s also pumpkin bread, scones, oatmeal or crepes. Any of these would be perfect for surprising the family with a different twist on the classic breakfast. Or make apple fritters to substitute a traditional doughnut or danish. These fried treats are perfect for dunking into coffee or dipping into a cream-cheese icing.

Bob for Apples

Children don’t need to be on their phone any longer than they already are, so have them hop off their electronic devices for this unique challenge. A fun Halloween tradition enjoyed throughout the country, the activity can be played with minimal equipment practically anywhere. Fill up a large tub with water, and have everyone participate either by bobbing or counting the seconds during the competition. Serve sliced apples with peanut butter, chocolate spread or caramel sauce as a snack.

Carve a Jack-O-Lantern

It all starts with picking out the perfect pumpkin, so let children know that they’ll need a large one with relatively flat sides. What makes this activity so universal is that the supervising adult doesn’t have to be an artist to give the pumpkin an interesting and scary face. Younger children can help draw the design and clean out the pumpkin while older children can help carve and light the candle. Or use Play-Doh to make scary faces instead of a knife to minimize the chance of injury. Toast pumpkin seeds while carving to enjoy after the project is complete, and watch a movie by the light of the Jack-O-Lantern.

Apple Stamps

This is a simple activity that will be enjoyed by the artists in the family. Take a paper plate, and squirt different colors of non-toxic paint in the middle. Cut an apple in half, press the cut-side down into the chosen color and then use to create fall masterpieces on paper or fabric. For those who love to decorate with stickers and stamps, this adds a new dimension to the artistic process.

Spice Up the Kitchen

For those who love a challenge in the kitchen, there are recipes that incorporate apples or pumpkins in practically every dish imaginable. Try pumpkin risotto with pumpkin butter on a candlelit table, and enjoy the season in all its glory. Take the family apple picking and then have everyone participate in making an apple pie. Or serve apple bruschetta, bacon-apple dates or apple-pork burgers. Home cooks can also combine the fall flavors in one dish, such as baking a Dutch Apple-Pumpkin Crisp.
Sunshine Retirement Living understands the importance of the many little ways our residents stay connected to their passions. Spending time with loved ones while creating and maintaining traditions is one of the best ways to bond over a shared experience, and we’re proud to support those efforts during the winter, spring, summer or fall.
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