Free Time Financial Supplements: Become an Online Juror

Free Time Financial Supplements: Become an Online Juror

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The U.S. justice system was designed to give everyone the right to a speedy trial, judged in part by a jury of peers. Jurors come from all walks of life, with all interests and backgrounds. Being on a jury panel is an exciting way to stay involved in your community and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors.

However, serving on a jury brings with it the negative connotations of seeking time away from work or activities, going to a local courtroom, sitting through the trial, and making a decision. This is no longer the case.

Thanks to the new technologies available online, you now have the opportunity right from your living room to take part in both mock and real trials.


Jury Duty Then and Now

Not much has changed in traditional jury duty throughout the years. Typically, jury duty begins with a letter from the court, summoning you to call a specific number every morning during a set period of time to see if there is a case you’ll need to hear.

If chosen, you’ll be placed as part of the juror pool, and can expect to sit (and wait) through the entire process – which can span from hours to months. After you’ve heard all of the information, facts, and evidence on the case, you will join the other jury members to make a decision.

Many people dread jury duty, but find that, at the end of the case, they’ve learned quite a bit about the legal system and enjoyed the experience. If this is something you’d like to do on a more regular basis, becoming an online juror is a great way to get involved, learn more about the justice system, and make a difference.


Jury Duty Online

Online jury duty allows you to give your time to a trial service and stay in your pajamas at home. The other responsibilities, however, are the same as those for individuals who are attending an in-person trial.

Once you apply online, the company you apply with will ask you some questions to learn more about you and the cases for which you might be eligible to evaluate. As a case comes up that you are eligible for, you’ll be sent the cases to review via e-mail and will submit your opinions electronically.

Some websites, like, will connect you with a panel of cases that allow you to choose the ones you want to review.

Many lawyers use mock juries online to help them prepare for cases that are going to court. You can help lawyers determine the type of person they need on an in-person jury to  end up with a favorable outcome for their client. Other lawyers want the feedback that would come from a prospective jury before the case goes to trial.

Lawyers spend their careers focused on jury selection, becoming experts at reading people and gauging their voting tendencies. To do this, they need practice, and usually turn to online jury websites with practice juries. The process is usually similar to that of an online jury.

Serving as an online juror takes about 30 minutes a case, a positive change from the hours many people spend with traditional jury duty.

Online jury duty consists of reading the case, questioning, and evidence, and allows you to give your responses. They typically give detailed instructions, and following them shows the lawyers and administrators that you are thorough — giving you a better chance of being asked back.

If the case doesn’t interest you, no problem. You have the freedom to turn down any cases that are offered to you.

If you choose to participate in online juries, don’t expect to get rich. However, once you have reviewed a case and submitted your opinions, you can expect to be paid for your time.

The salary isn’t extremely high. Online jurors are typically paid less than $50 per decision. Though this is not a fortune, it is enough to help out with some bills or provide you with fun money – especially if you serve regularly.

Individuals who are interested in the justice system might find the opportunity to serve on online juries during retirement to be the most rewarding.

From former law enforcement officers to  lawyers,  to retired judges, bailiffs, and other individuals who may merely follow the court system as a hobby, online jury duty is open to all. It can provide each interested individual with an opportunity to stay involved in their previous past times without the pressure or time commitment of serving in-person jury duty.

Since the online jurors took the necessary steps to apply to serve, there is usually less chance of being dismissed during a case.

At Sunshine Retirement Living, we believe that the best retirement is one filled with happiness, which is why we include the amenities you need to enjoy your retirement. Most of our communities have computer centers, so even if you don’t have computer access at home, you can still apply to be an online juror.

Our staff can help by showing you the best online jury websites, and safe ways to navigate the Internet.

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