Celebrating 5 Years of Sunshine!

Celebrating 5 Years of Sunshine!

May Sunshine Hasso

Dear Sunshine Residents and Friends,

Today, July 1st 2015, marks the 5-year Anniversary of the launch of Sunshine Retirement Living.  It’s an exciting milestone for all of us, although bittersweet as we are still mourning the passing of our Founder, May Sunshine.

As I reflect on the past 5 years, I realize how much we have accomplished.  May, along with Jim Matthews, Quintin King, Dick Glaunert and I, dared to dream that we could create our own senior management company with our combined vision. We aspired to create a company that reflected our personalities and hopes.  Dick, fondly known as Mr. Sunshine, brought in the experience, the connection to the industry and the communities.  Jim and Quintin brought in the expertise on the financial management side.  I contributed the drive, the organizational skills and the will to make it all happen.  While those are all important ingredients, these traits alone would not make our company special.  But there was May: she brought in the vision of what caring for seniors should be like.  She brought in the experience of having worked with seniors, working with Holiday Retirement since she was 14 years old.  She brought in the wisdom, the sweetness and the soft heart required to create and lead a company with a soul.  We all agreed to name our new company Sunshine Retirement Living.

Sunshine was May’s middle name, and it perfectly captured her essence.  Over the course of the last 5 years, that sunshine essence transferred from May into the culture of our company.  I am proud to serve you, our residents, and be a leader at Sunshine.  The Sunshine management team, starting with Jim Matthews and I, will always treasure Sunshine and all those who live or work at our communities.  We will continue to do our best to ensure that May’s vision and spirit endures in our company for as long as there are residents that need us.

We lost May, and will all miss her forever, but we did not lose her spirit.   We hope all residents, staff and guests remember this when they pass the new framed photo and plaque that we’ve sent to each community, dedicated to May Sunshine.

Despite all the challenges, 2015 has been a year of renewed successes.  Some of the bigger highlights include:

  • The first residents moving into The Gardens at Brook Ridge in Pharr, TX – our first Assisted Living and Memory Care Community!
  • A reinvigorated push to improve and beautify each of our communities
  • Our first-ever Sunshine-wide weeklong “Earth Day” Celebration
  • Upcoming addition of three new communities to the Sunshine Family in Georgia & Florida on August 1st

As we wrap up our first 5 years together and embark on new adventures, let’s celebrate our Sunshine Family, which includes you – our residents – at the core.

Thank you all for your support of Sunshine, your Community teams and your fellow residents.  It is our sincere pleasure to work with each of you and to have you be a part of our Sunshine Family.


Luis A. Serrano, President

Sunshine Retirement Living

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living

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