Cozy Autumn Activities for Retirement Communities in California

Embrace the cool weather and make memories this season!


In a state as warm and sunny as California, it’s normal to feel a little down when the weather starts beckoning us indoors. Fortunately, having the right mindset can make any season enjoyable, even when you’re indoors! Here at our California senior retirement communities, we want to ensure our residents are always engaged in activities that keep their minds sharp and their hearts full. We would love to share with you some cozy Autumn activity ideas!

Do Puzzles with Warm Drinks

On the chilly and blustery days where it seems safer to stay indoors, an activity like doing puzzles can be a great option. Completing a puzzle strengthens many cognitive skills for yourself or a loved one, including focus, memory, visual discrimination, and fine motor skills. Dedicating time to completing a particularly difficult puzzle improves problem-solving skills and perseverance as well. There’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from putting on that last piece! Consider enhancing the whole experience by making some hot apple cider or hot cocoa and sipping on the warm drink as you work.

Make Fall-Inspired Potpourri

If you or your loved one enjoys the warm, sweet and spicy smells of fall but can sometimes be bothered by intense room sprays or candles, we have the perfect fall activity idea for you. Making your own potpourri on the stovetop is easy and makes your home smell absolutely amazing. There is a wide variety of ways to do it, but a simple recipe includes a large pot filled with water. To the water, add sliced apple, sliced lemon, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and vanilla extract. As this mixture simmers on the stovetop, the aromas start to fill your home and ignite old fond memories!

Game Night

There’s something really special about bonding with friends over a Yahtzee or Scrabble game. The friendly competition, chance to connect, and of course, building important skill sets, a game night delivers way more than just a bit of fun. You can schedule a regular game night focusing on one game every time, like Mahjong or Bridge. Or you change it up week to week and introduce a new game to the crew. Not only is the latter option a chance to explore a new game, but it also sharpens your critical thinking skills with learning new instructions and strategies.

Make a Gratitude List

Our last idea for an activity that helps you stay cozy this season is creating a gratitude list. Gratitude, or the practice of recognizing your blessings and being thankful for them, never fails to turn your day around. Practicing gratitude can be a set activity, where you sit down and write a list of all the wonderful things and people in your life. It can also be an ongoing habit, where you take a minute each morning and night to reflect upon something you’re grateful for that day. Forming a grateful attitude can be tough sometimes in the face of struggles, but making the effort to be grateful makes life more enjoyable and helps us to prioritize what’s really important

At each of our California Retirement Communities, we know that it’s not always easy to think of indoor activity ideas to pass the time when it’s cold out. We hope these tips were helpful for making the most of this beautiful season.

For more information on any of our beautiful California retirement communities, or to schedule a tour with us, contact our team today!

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