Fun Holiday Traditions to Try from Our Independent Living Communities

Add a new festive tradition to your holiday season!


This holiday season, consider adding a new, fun holiday tradition to your December! From ways to give back to silly holiday games, we’ve compiled a list of fun holiday traditions for those in our independent living communities and their loved ones to try. Check out our awesome list below!

Craft Day

We all have had a big day of baking during the holiday season, but what about a crafting day? Get the crew together, have everyone bring their favorite crafts to share with the group, and spend the day snacking, gabbing, and creating wonderful gifts for everyone on your gift lists. Maybe one of your friends is incredibly talented at crochet, and you are a pro-candle maker. Consider asking one another to create an extra gift for someone in your own life, and swap crafts! Or maybe take a few minutes to teach one another the basics of your craft! Crafting together can encourage learning, community building, and even discovering new talents!

Holiday Cards

One of our favorite suggestions is writing holiday cards with your loved one for children in children’s hospitals that might not get to go home for the holidays. Bring a stack of holiday cards, some great pens, and get to writing sweet wishes for the holidays for the kids. Not only will it put a smile on the children’s faces, but it’s sure to make you and your loved one smile as well!

Holiday Walk

We all remember the days of piling into the family car and driving around town to see the holiday lights. How about bundling up a little extra cozily, grabbing a warm to-go mug of tea or decaf coffee, and walking through a particularly well-decorated neighborhood to admire the lights. It’s a great way to bond with friends, family, and neighbors, but it’s also a great way to get a little exercise in. You can even pack up some holiday treats and share with people you meet on the way for a little community building moment!

Explore World Cuisine

While most of us have a traditional meal we eat during the holidays, which may come from our ancestral heritage, we think it’s extra fun to learn about other cultures and explore holiday meals from around the world. Pick a country you don’t know a ton about and do a little research to find their traditional holiday meal, and get cooking! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try making a Buche de Noel like the French, or latkes from Israel, or even saffron buns from Sweden! Now is your chance to experience cuisines from around the world. If you’re feeling a little ambitious, create your own Feast of the Seven Fishes, or Tangyuan–a traditional Chinese dish popular during the Winter Solstice. Celebrating and learning together is always a great idea!

Write a Letter to Santa

You’re never too old to believe in Santa. While many of us might not expect to receive some of the gifts on our list to Santa, we love the idea of reminiscing about our favorite childhood toys and memories by tapping into our inner child and writing a letter to Santa. Instead of asking for practical items, write down the gifts you desired most as a child or even as a young adult. Talk to your friends and family about them, describing them in detail and sharing what made those gifts so special. Sharing positive memories and childhood moments is a great way to bond with the ones you love. And everyone loves a little bit of pretend!

We hope this holiday season is filled with wonderful memory making moments. Give one (or all) of these fun holiday traditions a try this year!

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