Graywood’s Best Kept Secret, The Verandah’s Fishing Pond

Graywood’s Best Kept Secret, The Verandah’s Fishing Pond

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If you have ever held a fishing rod in your hand, cast out your line and watched the lure skip across the water’s surface,… you likely know the pleasure and relaxation a day on the lake can bring. Better yet, the opportunity for bonding with friends and family—especially grandchildren—is worth more than any number of fish you haul in at the end of the day.

At The Verandah at Graywood, a trip to the lake is as close as your front yard with the many year-round fishing ponds on the property stocked with catfish, brim and bass. The dock, graciously built by a Verandah resident, has become a destination for residents and visitors alike. Benches surrounding the pond and adjacent deck are a popular morning gathering place for residents as they take in the day, trade stories and sip robust coffee. In the afternoon, residents share the experience with visiting families and grandchildren who then learn how bait a hook and feel that excitement of subtle tug on the line for the first time, oft times with demonstrations from visiting organizations such as the Lake Charles Fly Fishing Club. The fish are fed nightly by an automatic feeder, but that doesn’t stop many residents from treating their water-bound neighbors to some additional fish food throughout the day.

At night, the grass and reed-framed ponds transform into iridescent mirrors of the Louisiana sunset as the sun slips below the skyline, viewable from residents’ balconies and many of The Verandah’s gathering areas. The cool night air invites many residents to take up their fishing rods for one more cast under the glow of lights surrounding the pond.

Fishing, with its relaxing and meditative effect, is an easy way to lead a more health-conscious lifestyle. It forces us to be in the moment, enjoy our surroundings and either take time to oneself or share in the pastime with a friend or loved one. All these things together is why fishing—whether you keep your catch or throw it back—is an activity that continues to thrive year after year. Please make sure to check our monthly activity calendar for organized fishing trips!

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