Indoor Exercise Tips for Winter from Our Memory Care Communities

Get a great workout done while staying warm indoors!


While you know your loved one staying active is important for their health, the cooler temperatures can make exercising consistently a little more challenging. Maintaining an active lifestyle increases strength, supports the immune system and promotes independence as your loved one participates in everyday tasks. At each of our transitional assisted living and memory care communities, we want to help your loved one with some indoor exercise tips that are great for the winter weather. When you’re willing to get creative, an active life is truly possible all year round!


Pilates is a great option for an exercise to try at home because it focuses heavily on core strength. Almost every movement we make on a daily basis starts at the core: walking, running, gardening, doing errands, and even standing upright, just to name a few. For that reason, exercises that are centered in core strength can really benefit your loved one. Pilates can be very accessible, too, because movements can be performed while sitting in a chair or on the floor. The main movements involved in Pilates are slow and controlled, including bent arm planks and alternating single-leg stretches. Your loved one is bound to see improvements in their strength, flexibility and mobility if they commit to regular Pilates sessions this season! If you’re looking for a starting place, a quick online search yields tons of results, like this beginners Pilates video.

Chair Yoga

While Pilates and yoga seem similar, there is a distinct difference. When doing Pilates, you typically move into a position and engage your core by moving your arms or legs. With yoga, on the other hand, positions are usually held for a period of time before moving to a new one. Chair yoga in particular can be a wonderful choice for your loved one who uses a wheelchair or just needs more seated exercise options. Chair yoga can be done in as little as just a few minutes, a few times a week, or can be part of a longer exercise routine. Regularly practicing chair yoga can reduce chronic pain, loosen stiff muscles, and decrease stress. This chair yoga workout video on YouTube is designed for beginners and demonstrates accessible movements. Consider introducing this type of exercise to your loved one this season!

Intentional Movement Varieties

Our final suggestion for incorporating indoor exercises into your loved one’s daily routine this season is to prioritize overall intentional movement. Intentional movement refers to mindfully moving the body, not necessarily only for direct exercise, throughout the day. Staying active in general benefits your loved one in many ways, including reducing fall risk, better quality sleep, and improved flexibility. Some examples of indoor intentional movement could be: cleaning, cooking, dancing, maintaining an indoor garden, walking hallways, marching in place, and doing miscellaneous housework. Getting your loved one to regularly engage in intentional movement helps them to feel more energized too, as staying stagnant and stationary in the winter months can be tempting when it’s cold outside.

At each of our Memory Care Communities, we offer a variety of activities to assist your loved one in being as physically fit as possible. While it’s not always feasible to get outdoors during winter, these indoor exercise tips should be a great resource! We know that independence is key for quality of life, and staying active is a big contributor to facilitating that independence for your loved one.

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