Katherine Fair Donnelly

Katherine Fair Donnelly


Katherine Fair Donnelly, renowned author, lecturer and columnist, has recently chosen to become a resident of Westbrae Court in Houston, TX.

Primarily known for her self-help books (Recovering From The Loss Of A Parent, Recovering From The Loss Of A Child, Recovering From An AIDS Loss and Recovering From The Loss Of A Sibling), her work has been recognized in The New York Times, PEOPLE Magazine, and on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. She has also appeared on many Television programs, including Katy Couric, Sally Jessy Raphael, and Canada A.M.

When asked why she chose Westbrae Court as her retirement home, she replied, “When I first visited Westbrae, I was immediately impressed with the four managers who projected a strong and concerned caring for the aged population living there. Also, the beautiful landscape surrounding the establishment gave forth a warm and peaceful feeling, a respite where residents could sit and chat with neighbors or take a stroll and enjoy the sunshine of the walkways. In the short time I have been living here, I have made innumerable friends and participated in many enjoyable activities. I believe one could call that contentment.”

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