Retirement Community in Tucson Shares Benefits of Music on Wellbeing

How Music Can Improve The Quality of Life For Alzheimer’s Residents

Music Therapy for Person with Alzheimer's

Music plays an important role in the lives of people of all ages, but for those with Alzheimer’s disease, music therapy has been proven as a promising way of improving focus and communication. It can even help memories resurface for those affected by memory challenges. Even for our loved ones that do not experience memory challenges, music can deliver several other benefits for physical and mental health by promoting relaxation, improving productivity, and lowering stress and anxiety levels.

Music is a common form of therapy used at Copper Canyon Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Tucson, Arizona. We are proud to offer our residents a full sensory spa that combines light, music, scents, and textiles to give a multi-sensory experience that lends to relaxation or brain stimulation, depending on the therapy needed by the resident. Here are some of the benefits that we find this program offers your family members and loved ones:

Promoting Overall Wellness

Here at Copper Canyon, we have a whole-body approach to healthcare and wellness that goes beyond just ensuring a healthy diet and consistent exercise. We strive to ensure residents are taken care of both physically and emotionally during their stay with us. We find that music has the power to stimulate positive emotions and memories. For many seniors, listening to a specific song from a special time in their life can often help them remember that event or help them feel the same warm and fuzzy feeling they felt when they first heard that song.

Improves Memory

Unfortunately, short-term memory loss is often one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s, yet many seniors that are affected by this can still recognize songs from the good old days. Music can still reach the parts of the brain where memories are stored and help residents remember an event they associate with that song. For example, a resident who struggles to remember their wedding might be able to reconnect with the memory of their wedding day by listening to their first dance song. This style of therapy works because we associate music with emotion, so when we hear a certain song, we feel that same emotion that is linked to our memories.

Encourages Movement

Music-related activities such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, watching musical performances, and even just listening to music all encourage movement. When you hear your favorite song on the radio, it is harder to be still than it is to move! Some residents might choose to stay seated and sing, hum, clap their hands, or tap their feet to the beat, while others may choose to grab a partner and sway or dance to the music. All of these are great therapy exercises and support motor functions.

The Power of Music

Listening to music has a huge effect on our emotions. Music is a universal form of expression and allows connections among people regardless of language. It has the power to boost moods, encourage exercise, promote overall wellness, and even uncover lost memories. We love using music in our therapy for our residents. If you want to try incorporating more music in your loved one’s life, here are some of our best tips:

  • Select music that is appropriate for their age.
  • Choose songs that reflect the mood you are trying to create. For example, using a slower song might induce relaxation whereas an upbeat song may elicit energetic, positive emotions.
  • Select music that is enjoyable to listen to and familiar enough for singing along, clapping, and dancing.

The many benefits of music therapy can improve the quality of life of your loved one. Reach out to us if you have any more questions; we would be happy to help.

To learn more about residency or to schedule a tour of Copper Canyon, contact our friendly team today.

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