Springtime Fun: Entertaining Your Grandchildren

Springtime Fun: Entertaining Your Grandchildren


When the flowers break through the ground, and the sun emerges through the clouds, it’s a great time for grandparents to break through the winter… doldrums and connect with their families. An afternoon together in the springtime doing activities that you and your grandchildren love is a great way to take advantage of the beautiful weather and make memories.

Fun in the Sun

Extra daylight and extra warmth mean extra outside playtime:

  • Bring your recess favorites to life with your grandkids. Think back to how much fun you had playing Marco Polo, Red Light Green Light, Simon Says and Mother May I. What about other low-key playground games like hopscotch, kickball, or jump rope? Imagine how much your grandchildren will enjoy learning and playing a new game.
  • Encourage growth. Teach your grandchildren the importance of responsibility, nutrition and the rewards of hard work by planting the seeds for the future – a delicious harvest of your grandchildren’s favorite fruits and veggies. Planting some sweet and crispy sugar snap peas, juicy tomatoes, and fragrant herbs can be fun for all ages. Meeting up regularly to take care of the growing plants is an excellent way to spend more time together.
  • Explore a new park. Children love new adventures. Whether you go on a scavenger hunt, go fishing, watch birds and other animals, or see who can swing the highest, springtime is the best time to try something new. Pack a picnic, load up the car and hit the road.
  • Take them out to the ballgame. With Major League Baseball teams just starting their season in the spring, going to a ballpark can be an exciting way to spend an afternoon for an older grandchild. Younger grandchildren may have more fun at a Minor Leauge Baseball game, where there are often playgrounds, giveaways, and children’s activities.


Don’t Let the Rain Get You Down

Rain is an unfortunate reality in the spring. When you’re stuck inside, think outside the box:

  • Start with your jewelry box. Grandchildren – granddaughters especially – love to look at your earrings, necklaces, and pins. Charm bracelets often have hours of stories attached to each pendant and grandkids love stories and learning more about their grandparents.
  • Bring in some more history – their own. Teach your grandchildren about where they came from by showing them their parents when they were the same age. They get to see their parents in a different light, which helps them feel more connected. Comparing their lives and development to their parents’ and hearing funny stories changes their parents from the people telling them to do chores into peers who passed through many of the same circumstances.
  • Step into their favorite virtual worlds. Ask about the video games they are playing lately and join them. Whether they are constructing houses or outrunning the bad guys, children can’t wait to tell you about their point levels and help you get there yourself.
  • Deal out a deck of cards. Teach your grandchildren easy, kid-friendly card games like Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, War, or Slapjack.


Make Time Together a Treat

  • Remember that veggie garden? Once it’s time for the harvest, pull out your favorite family recipes. Invite your grandchildren over to prepare dinner using the ingredients they helped to plant, passing down the recipes you grew up eating. Give them some pointers and tricks as you find ways to get them involved. From measuring to mixing, there is a great deal they can do to help.
  • Whip up some cookies. What’s better than grandma’s chocolate chip cookies? Helping her make them, of course. Throwing in heaping helpings of patience, reading and math give your grandchildren an even more delicious dessert.
  • Set the table for a fun family dinner. Invite your children to come over and enjoy the meal you and your grandchildren prepared. Spending time with your family over dinner brings everyone closer.


Take Some Ideas From the Wellness Activities and Features Sunshine Retirement Living Offers

  • On a warm day, set out toppings and treats and invite your grandchildren for an ice cream social, or go a step further and give your grandchildren a special surprise by putting together a taco bar.
  • Break out bingo or bean bag baseball to play with your grandkids. Indoors or out, games are sure to bring laughter and joy to everyone participating.
  • Get crafty. Most children love to be creative. Working with them on small projects with Popsicle sticks, finger paints, or even coloring books, can be relaxing and fun for your whole family.

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