Sunshine Fathers Are Definitely Not Fit To Be Tied

Sunshine Fathers Are Definitely Not Fit To Be Tied


It should come as no surprise that both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are celebrated in a big way at Sunshine Retirement communities. Just like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we go all out to make sure that family members of all generations are welcome and well fed. But that’s pretty much where the comparison between these two gender-related special days ends.

You see, whereas mothers generally like to be pampered with massages and sweet-smelling gifts, and enjoy good conversations with lots of hugs, Sunshine fathers are a different animal altogether. They don’t want another tie or a pair of slippers. They love reliving the good old days as well as tackling new adventures. So with that in mind, here’s a taste of what a few Sunshine communities have cooked up for Father’s Day this year.

The Old Ball Game

The Verandah at Lake Charles, Louisiana got things off to swinging start a little early with a Beanbag Baseball Tournament yesterday afternoon. According to Merry Beth Grant, the dads enjoyed Italian sausage on hoagies with ice-cold Dad’s Root Beer. Prizes for the Tournament featured bags filled with Cracker Jacks, peanuts, Big League Chew bubble gum and Baby Ruth bars. Brunch on Father’s Day will follow a New Orleans-style theme.

Sports and Shots

In response to some vibrant newcomers who enjoy having a cocktail or two at some of the local establishments, Country Club Village in Hot Springs, Arkansas is pursuing a sports bar theme. Chef Joseph is cooking up some of his famous chicken wings, while Life Enrichment Director, Angela Ring will share her knowledge about whiskey and scotch.

Hot Rods for Hot Dads

Olga Rosalez, Activity Director at The Continental in Austin, Texas, also decided to steer her Father’s Day celebration toward the many new gents who have recently settled in. She invited Sweet Rides of Texas to come show off their extraordinary collection of classic cars. And what goes better with hot cars in Texas than a smokin’ barbecue and live music. Of course, all of the classic car owners from Sweet Ridges are invited for photos and discussion.

Close but no Cigars

Way back when their kids were born, most fathers passed out and lit up cigars in celebration. At Dunwoody Pines in Dunwoody, Georgia, Life Enrichment Director Ashley Hurd is bringing back that tradition with a Cigar Lounge Theme for Father’s Day this year. Brown leather chairs and a vocalist accompanied by a piano will set the scene. After a delicious meal, the dads will enjoy glasses of bourbon with chocolate cigars. Actual smoking is not allowed in any of Sunshine’s indoor public areas, of course. But real cigars will be given to the fathers for smoking elsewhere. Or for sharing when their next grandchild is born.

Wherever you may be and whatever you may be drinking – bourbon, whiskey or root beer
– here’s a toast to all the Sunshine fathers out there. Stay adventurous, my friends.

This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living, June, 2018.

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