Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why

Why Ask Why

Remember the days when every time you asked your little one to do something or shared with them a truth about the world they would look at you with curiosity and skepticism and utter that infamous three letter word, ‘WHY?’ Just as there are so many pieces of wisdom we are looking to share with our children and grandchildren there is also so much that we are able to learn from them, including the power that lies in what we receive when we ask ‘WHY?’. I’m sure you have all found yourself in your daily exercise class moving through a routine that has become quite familiar to you. However, have you ever actually approached the instructor after class to learn the details surrounding what it is you should be looking to achieve as you complete each individual exercise.

Garden Way Retirement Community Instructor Cindy O’Brian coaches residents on proper posture.

We have complicated sensory systems that communicate to our joints and muscles in order to produce movement. Understanding the purpose of the movements you complete in your daily exercise class, help you to improve your communication of your movement goal to your joints and muscles. This will strengthen your mind-body connection (Neurological Efficiency) which will in turn train your joints and muscles to have this same attention to detail as you complete similar movements in your daily life!

At our Sunshine Communities we pride ourselves in offering a variety of exercise classes, implemented by very educated wellness professions. At Garden Way Retirement Community one of those professionals is Christiana Hansen who teaches a weekly yoga class. Christiana has been teaching yoga at Garden Way Retirement Community for two years now and has seen a dramatic improvement in the residents at Garden Way in terms of their body awareness. Christiana is constantly reminding her students of the importance of proper body alignment and has noticed that not only have her students improved their posture within her class, they have also translated what she has taught them into creating healthier habits in their daily life. Check out this short video clip taken from an interview with Christiana that talks about some of the improvements she has seen throughout her time at Garden Way.

Christiana, and all of our Sunshine Wellness Professionals do their best to communicate the ‘WHY’ as they guide our residents through their carefully designed classes. However, with all community based classes there are often details surrounding each exercise there is simply not enough time to elaborate on within the class itself. In these instances, taking a moment after the class to ask your instructor the purpose of a particular exercise and/or the proper technique for completing that exercise will help ensure that you are succeeding in your goal to reinforce healthy habits.
So next time you find yourself mimicking an exercise you do not quite understand how to do properly, take a moment and ask that important question…‘WHY?’. After all, there is a reason this is one of the first words we learn in life!

*This blog was first published here: Sunshine Retirement Living