Winter Fashion Ideas from Our Independent Living Communities

Get dressed to impress this season!


As we start to add layers to our outfits in the form of baggy sweaters and puffy coats, it can be hard to feel fashionable in the winter. Not only that, but when you don’t know what to wear to feel your best, it’s tempting to lounge around all day in your warm and cozy pajamas. If you enjoy expressing yourself through your clothing, this can definitely put a damper on the colder months! Across our multiple independent living retirement communities throughout the country, we want our residents to feel stylish and confident in everything they wear. Here’s the good news: winter clothes don’t have to be boring! Take a look at these winter fashion ideas and see for yourself.

Red and Black

An easy way to ensure your outfits are stylish this winter is to wear lots of reds and blacks. Black seems to almost always be fashionable, but in the cooler months, dark outfits exude sophistication and class. Some easy ways to incorporate more black in your outfits this season are: tailored black pants, black soft sweaters or cardigans, and black tights or boots. On the other hand, red is an instant conversation starter and symbolizes confidence and drama. When you’re in the mood to turn some heads and get lots of compliments, venture out and wear something bright red. If you’re feeling down, try putting on a fiery red dress or blouse or adding some red accessories– we bet it will turn your day around!

Leather and Faux Leather

It may feel a little intimidating to wear leather if you haven’t before, but this winter is a great time to start! Once you give it a try, we think you’ll love the way leather truly completes an outfit. Leather or faux leather can easily transform an outfit from drab or bland to edgy and cool. Your mind might go to the obvious tough-looking cropped leather biker jacket, but you can also incorporate leather in other ways. See if you can try out some leather skirts, shoes or purses for a more luxurious effect. This trend has endured time and time again for the winter months, so it’s definitely worth trying!

Plaid or Polka Dots

If you’re looking for winter fashion ideas for patterns or fabrics to flaunt this season, we suggest plaid or polka dots. Plaid or simple checks are one of those timeless trends that remind you of flannel blankets, cabins, and general coziness, so it fits perfectly for winter wear. Consider wearing plaid by throwing on a thick wool scarf, or make a statement with a plaid overcoat. If you’re looking for a more old-fashioned, feminine and playful pattern, polka dots are your answer. A simple black blouse with white polka dots can be a staple in your winter wardrobe for its versatility. A polka dot dress, skirt, or pair of earrings can be lots of fun, too!

At each of our independent living retirement communities, we understand the excitement and confidence that can come from wearing an outfit that makes you look your best. We gave you various fashion trends to choose from, and we hope it gave you some inspiration! We encourage you to experiment with your wardrobe this season so you can transform into your most fully-expressed self.

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