Winter Themed Indoor Exercise Routines for Our Memory Care Communities

Staying Active and Engaged: Winter Exercise Fun in Our Memory Care Communities


Winter brings a unique set of challenges, especially for our residents in Memory Care communities. At Sunshine Retirement Living, we understand the importance of staying active and engaged, especially during the colder months. Here we have put together winter-themed indoor exercise routines that are both enjoyable and beneficial for the physical and cognitive well-being of your loved ones in our Memory Care communities.

The Importance of Physical Activity in Memory Care

Exercise is crucial for everyone, but it holds special importance in memory care. Regular physical activity can help improve mood, reduce the risk of certain health conditions, and even slow down the progression of memory-related issues. Tailoring exercises to be enjoyable and winter-themed can add an element of fun and novelty, encouraging more participation. Your loved one will enjoy the benefits of exercise and various physical activity opportunities at our memory care communities where we provide a robust schedule of fitness activities for all levels.

Gentle Stretching and Yoga

Starting with gentle stretching or yoga can be a great way to warm up the body. These exercises improve flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. Incorporating visual and verbal cues with winter themes, like “reaching for the snowflakes” or “standing tall like a pine tree,” can make the sessions more engaging. Many of our memory care communities offer gentle yoga or chair yoga so your loved one can experience the benefits of yoga during the winter months.

Chair-Based Exercises

For residents who may find standing exercises challenging, chair-based activities are an excellent alternative. These can include leg lifts, arm raises, or even simple dance moves, all performed while seated. Playing music with a winter theme or holiday songs can enhance the enjoyment and encourage rhythmic movement.

Walking Clubs, Indoor or Outdoor

Organizing indoor walking clubs is a great way for residents to stay active. Corridors or large communal areas can serve as walking tracks. Setting up ‘winter wonderland’ stations along the walk with different winter scenes can make the walks more interesting and stimulating. For our communities that are in warmer climates, residents enjoy morning and evening strolls together, organized by our staff.

Balance and Coordination Games

Games that focus on balance and coordination are not only fun but also beneficial for cognitive health. Simple games like balloon volleyball or bean bag toss with a winter twist can provide both physical exercise and cognitive stimulation. At our memory care communities throughout the US, our residents participate in fitness classes specifically designed to improve their balance and coordination, as well as promote a sense of pride and community.

Relaxation and Cool Down

Ending exercise sessions with relaxation techniques is important. Guided imagery or deep breathing exercises with a winter theme, such as visualizing a peaceful snowfall, can provide a calming end to the workout. Additionally, residents at our memory care communities can enjoy a sensory spa after engaging in physical activities. Sensory spas are a perfect way for your loved one to relax and practice self care after physical fitness.

At our memory care communities, we are committed to providing activities that promote the health and happiness of our residents. These winter-themed indoor exercises are designed to keep your loved one active, engaged, and joyful throughout the colder months.

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